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Usa, the Supreme Court against Trump: hand over the documents to the commission of inquiry on the assault on Congress

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The United States Supreme Court rejected the request for Donald Trump which aimed to prevent the delivery of White House documents to the committee of inquiry into the assault on Congress. The wise men rejected the former president’s request focused on the right to secrecy for the acts of the executive power. For the Democrats this is an important victory.

The documents, over 800 pages, include presidential diaries, lists of visitors to the White House, phone calls, emails, draft speeches and even handwritten notes. Cards that, according to the commission investigating the events of January 6, 2021, can shed light on the events that led to the assault on Capitol Hill.

United States, for the assault on Congress subpoena for the big names in social media

Trump’s lawyers aimed to lengthen the time by dragging the matter into the courtrooms. In fact, they had asked that the materials should not be handed over until the judges had ruled. “A former president has the right to assert executive privilege, even after the end of his term,” they argued, arguing that the demand for records is “surprisingly large” and accusing the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives’ commission of inquiry. to conduct an investigation against a “political opponent”.

The former president was essentially asking for a federal appellate court sentence to be suspended, but the Supreme Court rejected the request by an overwhelming majority, 8 to 1. The only judge who ruled in favor of the suspension was the conservative Clarence Thomas. The other five conservatives who are part of the highest US judicial body, three of which are nominated by Trump, voted as the three liberals.

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by Massimo Basile

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