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Usa, they thought she was dead but she wakes up. She was in the body bag

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They believed her dead and had started funeral procedures, transporting her body to a funeral home. Instead the woman was alive and she woke up inside a body bag. This is what happened in Iowa in recent days.

The 66-year-old woman, whose identity has not been disclosed, had been pronounced dead by staff at an Alzheimer’s facility. According to local media reports, at the end of last year the woman’s health had deteriorated so much that she had been transferred to a nursing home. A few days after her transfer, the nursing staff, failing to take her pulse, pronounced her dead.

The woman had been placed in a body bag and transported to a funeral home. When an employee opened the bag, she noticed a movement in her chest. Shortly thereafter, paramedics detected a heartbeat. The woman was then taken back to the nursing home to receive the necessary assistance. She passed away however a few days later.

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