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Usa, Trump goes on: two rallies after the indictment

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Usa, Trump goes on: two rallies after the indictment

The show must go on. In the aftermath of the indictment in the case of classified papers brought from the White House to Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump relaunches with two rallies in Georgia and North Carolina, while the security alert has already been triggered in Miami in view of the tycoon’s arrival in court on Tuesday and the ‘Proud Boys’ extremists are preparing to march on Florida.

“America went to sleep yesterday with tears in its eyes. Soon, however, he will be able to smile, because we will have defeated the Marxists, the fascists, the communists, the freaks and the radical left. We will put America first again and make it great again!” thundered the former president on his social media Truth before speaking at a Grand Old Party convention in Columbus.

It is no coincidence that Trump has decided to fly to Georgia and keep his schedule unchanged. Not only will the Southern state be one of the key ones to win in the 2024 election, as it was in 2020 and 2022.

But it is also the one where yet another proceeding is underway against the tycoon, accused together with his cronies of having attempted to subvert the result of the vote won by Joe Biden in Fulton County.

Usa, Trump indicted for classified papers in Mar-a-Lago

The decision of the grand jury on the case should arrive by the end of the summer and it is clear that the former president wants to win the hearts of Georgians and, perhaps, influence those of the jury by attacking with the usual argument of “the greatest witch hunt in the story” his archenemy Fanny Willis, Atlanta attorney and one of the targets of the former president’s anti-justice tirades.

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