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Vera Sola, review of her album Peacemaker (2024)

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Vera Sola, review of her album Peacemaker (2024)

There are so many releases occurring worldwide that it is difficult to filter out what is worth reviewing. In this case, the second album of Vera Sola, I was struck by the fact that its protagonist is actually called Danielle Aykroyd and is the daughter of actor Dan Aykroyd and actress Donna Dixon. And, of course, the creator of the album was the offspring of the protagonist of films that are part of my sentimental baggage such as “Rogues at Full Speed” o “The Ghostbusters”it already generated enough curiosity to hear what Danielle was capable of doing, taking into account that her father’s melomania is well known.

“Peacemaker” It is the second album of Vera Sola. An album of eleven silky songs that, to put anyone’s perspective, sound like what would result from fusing the darkest sensuality of Lana del Rey with the behind-the-control wisdom of T-Bone Burnett. However, it has not been the old wizard of Americana Music who has handled the console, but rather an outstanding student named Kenneth Pattengale, who some will know for being a member of the more than interesting The Milk Carton Kids. Together, Vera and Kenneth have made the album sound frankly delicious in the recreation of atmospheres of aged and decadent flavor. So much so that some critics have even compared them to those achieved by Tom Waits. Big words.

“Peacemaker” It is an album that, in short, surprises more for everything previously written than for the melodic hooking capacity of its songs. And, although it is worth recognizing that the setting and instrumental quality of the album is pure nickel, it is no less true that songs like “The Line” o “Blood Bond” that shake you more times throughout the minutes. Songs that remain etched with fire and leave the indelible mark of the great works with which this album has been compared. So there is no exaggeration at the moment. “Peacemaker” It is an album that can be heard and that, furthermore, achieves its objective of enveloping and enveloping you, but it does not leave you knocked out. That is within the reach of few like Ethel Cain and her monumental “Preacher’s Daughter”. Album – this one – from which I still have not recovered. Despite everything, we will remain attentive to see what awaits us. Vera Sola in the future because wood seems to have.

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