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Verucchio, at the Pazzini Theater a journey through the music and words of Bob Dylan

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Verucchio, at the Pazzini Theater a journey through the music and words of Bob Dylan

The curtain rises on the new season of Eugenio Pazzini Theater in Verucchio. To get on the Romagna stage Friday 16 February 2024 at 9.15pm Lorenzo Semprini & The False Prophets con LIKE A ROLLING STONE: Bob Dylan a journey through music and wordswith Lorenzo Semprini (guitar, vocals, harmonica), Elisa Semprini (violin and vocals), Beppe Ardito (guitars and vocals), Paolo Angelini (drums), Francesco Pesaresi (bass) e Antonio Vanzolini (Storytelling).

Like a rolling stone it is a journey through the songs and words of Bob Dylan. Played by a band of excellent musicians, led by Lorenzo Semprini, the journey will develop between famous songs and some hidden gems. Songs that revolve around the words (faithfully only those of Bob, no interpretation or analysis) told by Antonio Vanzolini’s interventions, because, perhaps, one of the few ways to try to capture a soul that is in itself elusive can only be through revival of his art which often remains unknown to most, overshadowed by the greatness of his name and character.

Like a rolling stone it is a show, a concert, a recital that takes you away in two hours and leaves you without answers naturally, but with a big question mark, just like Bob Dylan himself has always done in recent years.

There will be guitars, violin, harmonicas, voices, a section
rhythmic, songs like All along the watchtower, Blowin’ in the wind, Don’t think twice it’s all rightsome seemingly minor ones like Blind Willie McTell o Everything is brokenwhich will give life to a hypnotic and fascinating journey, in which the spectator himself will build a vision also thanks to the images projected behind the musicians themselves.


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Entrance: full €12 – reduced €10

Reduced for under 25 and over 65 years

For information and reservations tel. 320 5769769

Online presale: www.liveticket.it/teatropazziniverucchio


facebook: Teatro Eugenio Pazzini Verucchio

instagram: Pazzini Verucchio Theatre

Pazzini Verucchio Theater via S. Francesco n. 12- Verucchio (Rimini)

Pazzini Verucchio Theatre

Friday 16 February – 9.15pm | concert
Lorenzo Semprini & The False Prophets
LIKE A ROLLING STONE: BOB DYLAN a journey between music and words

Dal film:”Pat Garrett & Billy the kid”:
“-Who are you?- Good question!”
JAMES COBURN- Lo sceriffo Pat Garrett
Lorenzo Semprini – guitar, voice, harmonica
Elisa Semprini – violin and voice
Beppe Ardito – guitars and vocals
Paolo Angelini –drums
Francesco Pesaresi – basso
Antonio Vanzolini – Storytelling


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