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very serious man. Photo and video

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very serious man.  Photo and video

Bologna, 23 March 2023 – Very violent explosion today just before 20 in a CNG dispenser in via Alberelli (Photo and video) in Borgo Panigale. According to initial information, the explosion would have occurred once the phases of supply: the car exploded to smithereens and overwhelmed and destroyed everything in a large radius. On the spot they intervened, with different teams, i fire fightersin addition to the carabinieri of Borgo Panigale, on the mobile radio and at 118.

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Accident in Minerbio (Bologna), a 16-year-old girl was very serious

There are four injured, including one very serious: a 45-year-old man, rescued in code 3 and taken to the Major. The most seriously injured is the motorist, the owner of the car he had just finished filling up with methane. The man was rushed to the Maggiore hospital very serious traumaespecially a a leg. He had finished refueling his car and, after going to pay at the cash desk, he was walking back to the carwhen one of the vehicle’s cylinders exploded: the explosion hit it full on.

The violence of the explosion was such as to remove the planks of the canopy of the distributor, which they are collapsed on top of other motorists who were also refueling.

The fire brigade teams on the spot proceeded to rescue the injured in collaboration with the 118 and to secure the plant. I am now in progress investigations by the carabinieri to understand the reasons for the explosion.

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