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Vice-President of the European Parliament: Bach Video Peng Shuai still failed to relieve his doubts | Vice-President of the European Parliament | Bill | International Olympic Committee

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[New Tang Dynasty Beijing time November 23, 2021]International Olympic Games President Thomas Bach (Thomas Bach) on Sunday (November 21) after a video call with Chinese female Internet star Peng Shuai, he declared that Peng Shuai is all well and said Hope the outside world respects her privacy. However, Nicola Beer, the deputy speaker of the European Parliament, is still skeptical about whether Peng Shuai can speak freely. A spokesperson for the World Women’s Professional Tennis Association (WTA) also expressed the same concerns.

On the 22nd, the Deputy Speaker of the European Parliament Bill reposted a news report on the video call between IOC President Bach and Peng Shuai on her personal Twitter account. At the same time, she issued a message saying that the Chinese Communist Party still has not clarified Peng Shuai’s current situation. situation. Bill questioned in his post: Can Peng Shuai now freely express his views? Can I speak and behave without being monitored? She believes that the video of the video call released by the International Olympic Committee failed to answer the above questions.

Finally, Bill emphasized at the end of the article that respect for human rights is a necessary condition for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

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Earlier, the spokesperson of the World Women’s Professional Tennis Association also expressed similar doubts. According to a CNN report, after Peng Shuai and Bach were on the phone, a WTA spokesperson told the media through a statement that he was very happy to see Peng Shuai in the recent film, but this did not relieve the WTA from facing Peng Shuai. Safety concerns also cannot answer her (Peng Shuai) question whether she can speak without censorship and coercion.

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On November 2 this year, Peng Shuai posted on the Chinese social media Weibo that Zhang Gaoli, the former deputy prime minister of the Communist Party of China, had an affair with her many years ago. Zhang Gaoli had sexually assaulted her many times, but now he “finished playing with her.” If you don’t want it, don’t it.”

This shocking post was deleted less than 30 minutes after being uploaded to Weibo. After that, Peng Shuai disappeared from public view for more than ten days, and his whereabouts have been unknown. This caused concern about the Zhang Gaoli scandal and the safety of Peng Shuai’s life. Worries.

Under the pressure of international public opinion, the CCP officials once replaced Peng Shuai with a statement to report safety. However, due to the lack of credibility of the CCP’s official media, the outside world generally believes that the statement issued by the official media cannot represent Peng Shuai’s true thoughts.

Famous tennis players from various countries in the international sports world and parliamentarians from some Western countries have voiced their concerns about Peng Shuai’s personal safety. Since then, the International Olympic Games released a short video call between Bach and Peng Shuai on the 21st. At the same time, it issued a written statement saying that Peng Shuai was “safe and sound” and hoped that all parties “respect her privacy” at this moment.

However, this short video did not directly disclose the complete content of the dialogue between Bach and Peng Shuai, and the Olympic Committee bypassed the International Women’s Tennis Association and directly contacted Peng Shuai. These abnormal practices have been questioned by the outside world, and the international community’s worries about Peng Shuai’s personal safety have not been dispelled.

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On November 22, the video clip and related photos of Bach’s meeting with Zhang Gaoli on June 12, 2016 began to circulate on Twitter, when Zhang Gaoli was the leader of the CCP Winter Olympics team. Some overseas Chinese netizens believe that the relationship between the two of them is relatively subtle and questioned what interests might be hidden behind this.

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Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported that in the IOC’s public film the allegations of sexual assault against Peng Shuai were not mentioned, only that the smile and complexion on her face were good, and this is precisely the focus of the CCP’s official media’s eagerness to propagate, long-term observation The human rights advocates of Beijing’s Silence Operation were obviously not convinced by this short film.

The report quoted Maya Wang, a senior researcher on China at Human Rights Watch, as saying that what the outside world sees are basically statements that are controlled by the CCP government. “Only the government and its media can generate and publish information about Peng Shuai. Article”.

Wang Songlian said: “Although Peng Shuai may be safe and sound, the Chinese (CCP) government used to allow missing people to film videos to prove that they were not harmed, but in fact the opposite is true. This past record makes us worry about Peng Shuai’s safety. “

Lu Pin, a well-known Chinese feminist advocate currently living in New York, also believes that the CCP authorities have largely controlled Peng Shuai, and the pressure from the government is enough to make Peng Shuai cooperate with the government in acting.

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Lu Pin said: “This has happened too much in the past. Many’criminals’ will be forced to confess on TV and act like they are real.”

(Reporter Tang Di Comprehensive Report / Chief Editor: Fan Ming)

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