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Victoria Nadine shares candidly about her relationship with Kygo

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Victoria Nadine shares candidly about her relationship with Kygo

It was in 2022 that it became known that artist Victoria Nadine Karlskås Andersen (24) had found happiness with Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll (32), better known as Kygo.

The couple lead busy lives as artists on their respective sides, and the 24-year-old is currently in the news with the song “Feel This Way” together with the DJ “R3HAB”.

– I’ve got baby sickness

– Not a bad atmosphere

On Tuesday, Andersen was a guest at “Good morning Norway” where she spoke, among other things, about both the song and her love life. When asked what her boyfriend thinks about the fact that she has released a song with another DJ, she replies as follows:

– He is very supportive and luckily there is not a bad atmosphere.

Victoria Karlskås Andersen has so far not answered Se og Hør’s inquiries.

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Furthermore, the artist says that things are going great with her and her boyfriend, and that she often visits him in Bergen.

– We are doing very well. I think a bit like “how else would it have been?”. You are understood in a way that you cannot expect from people who do not live this life.

Bizarre pictures

The 24-year-old has previously been open about his inner demons. In a video shared on TikTok earlier this year, Andersen told raw and honest about how she has struggled with low self-esteem since she was little, and that she was in the basement after she performed her new song “Proud” during the Vixen Awards.

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During Tuesday’s broadcast of “Good Morning Norway”, she opened up further about the bad feelings.

– I don’t think it’s a unique feeling, I think there are a lot of people who feel it. I guess I’ve probably felt a little extra about it all along, and struggled to believe in myself, and stand by what I do, and not overthink and think that everything I do is so crazy all the time, she said.

Surprises in new video

The 24-year-old described a constant internal struggle which involves the fact that she herself does not believe that she is good enough. At the same time, she did not hide the fact that being an artist, and in an industry where you are constantly evaluated and measured against others, does not exactly help to make the struggle easier.

However, exposure therapy and growing experience as an artist have helped with self-confidence. So does his girlfriend, Kyrre. He is described as the most supportive boyfriend she could have had.

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