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Video captures assault on Silvia Poppovic in São Paulo

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Video captures assault on Silvia Poppovic in São Paulo

A video taken by surveillance cameras shows the moment when journalist and presenter Silvia Poppovic is robbed in the Higienópolis neighborhood, west of São Paulo, on Sunday (14/4).

The recording shows Silvia walking when she is attacked from behind. She falls to the ground and the thief tries to take a ring from the journalist’s hand. He manages to grab the object and then escapes. Silvia, in turn, gets up and runs in the opposite direction to look for help.

One day after the incident, the presenter published a video on her social networks in which she talks about what happened. “He kicked me in the legs and knocked me to the ground. With one hand, he kept strangling me and, with the hand he had free, he started pulling the ring,” she detailed.

According to Silvia, she was returning from a birthday party nearby when the robbery occurred. “You leave an experience like this completely destroyed and vulnerable. I can’t accept that São Paulo is getting worse and worse.”

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