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Vilimsky canceled the interview for ORF – Ipolitiki Live

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Vilimsky canceled the interview for ORF – Ipolitiki Live

Vilimsky sees the FPÖ as right-wing extremism. ORF spokesperson Dieter Bornemann responds: The query was professional.

Whirl. Harald Vilimsky’s new assault on ORF: The prime FPÖ candidate stated that an ORF reporter described him as a “right-wing extremist”. Now this public broadcaster is responding to this scandal.

Specifically, Vilimsky had a heated argument with a information reporter on the Simmering avenue occasion. “Who do you imply whenever you say right-wing extremist? You imply me, you imply my celebration? Who is a right-wing extremist? Please clarify that to me,” Vilimsky was heard talking to an ORF reporter. However, the reporter’s query is just not seen or heard within the video posted by Vilimsky. Vilimsky then wrote about his This is can’t proceed like this: “Activists don’t have any place in public broadcasting.”

This is how ORF responds to those allegations

Now ORF responded to Vilimsky’s assault. According to ORF editorial consultant Dieter Bornemann, the query that was not heard within the X video of the candidate for the EU election was: “Right-wingers and right-wingers within the European Parliament are very totally different. “How do you persuade voters that it isn’t a misplaced vote?” According to ORF, “it’s a journalist’s query a couple of present political problem.” The query is just not a suggestion to Vilimsky. The query is professional “as a result of, in contrast to Le Pen, the FPÖ didn’t finish its cooperation with the AfD after the Krah case.” The AfD was expelled from the ID group within the EU Parliament, of which the FPÖ can also be a component, after criticism of statements made by EU candidate Maximilian Krah concerning the SS. The FPÖ voted towards and expelled the whole celebration.

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