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Višković Bank owned by the RS | Info

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Višković Bank owned by the RS |  Info

Prime Minister of Republika Srpska Radovan Višković said today that a bank should be formed that will be owned by Republika Srpska, in order to avoid “blackmailing of certain banks” on the financial market, which allegedly “do not want to invest in RS”.

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“There are banks whose owners order them not to do business with the institutions of the RS and we have to get rid of that. They want to see the economic collapse of the Republika Srpska, and one thing is certain that the RS will not go bankrupt.”Višković told reporters in Banja Luka, the Beta agency reported.

Republika Srpska previously owned Banka Srpska, which went bankrupt in 2017.

Banka Srpska was created after the Government of RS took over the failure in 2013 Balkan Investment Bankuowned by the Lithuanian UKIO group and recapitalized with 30 million KM.

The Prime Minister of RS said today that in the coming period the issue of Banka Srpska should be resolved in bankruptcy proceedings.

According to him, the Government of the RS considered the possibility of asking the competent court to speed up the procedures related to the bankruptcy of Banka Srpska, after which the establishment of a new bank owned by the RS, which would join with Investment and development bank (IRB RS).

Višković assessed that in the Federation of BiH (FBiH), the interest rates at which this entity borrows on the financial market are lower compared to the RS, because the FBiH has a Development Bank.

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“This bank, by placing its funds, influences other banks to behave in this way and thereby lower interest rates. In RS, the RBI did this during the corona virus, but now we do not have such capacities.” Viskovic said.

The Government of the RS announced that it will take on new debt in the amount of 210 million KM, and the interest rate it will pay for the next five years on this debt is 6.1%.


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