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VISSEL KOBE News/Report: Announcement of new student recruitment for 2024 VISSEL KOBE adult soccer class

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VISSEL KOBE News/Report: Announcement of new student recruitment for 2024 VISSEL KOBE adult soccer class

School March 1, 2024

Announcement of new student recruitment for 2024 Vissel Kobe adult soccer class

At Vissel Kobe, we are holding “adult soccer classes” (standard class, advanced class, senior class) for people aged 20 to 65 at 8 venues and 16 courses in Hyogo Prefecture, but we will be introducing new soccer classes in 2024. We would like to inform you that we are recruiting students.

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“2024 Vissel Kobe adult soccer class” Recruitment of new students

■Sponsored and operated by: Vissel Kobe (Rakuten Vissel Kobe Co., Ltd.)
■Guidance: Vissel Kobe School Coach (including former J Leaguers and JFA certified instructor license holders)

Application Requirements

■Existing class
Standard class (beginners allowed), Advanced class (mostly experienced), Senior class (experienced only)

(Capacity) Ibuki school (40 people *), Noesta school (40 people), Poai school (24 people), Rokuai school (24 people),
6-ai/Celezon School (24 students), Amagasaki School (24 students), Futsal Arena Takarazuka School (16 students), Himeji School (15 students)
*However, 30 IBUKI (Thursday) seniors and 16 IBUKI (Thursday) advanced students will be recruited if there is space available.
*For those who enrolled in standard class in April,
You have the right to participate in the “Adult Interleague Match (League Match)”.
Let’s enjoy soccer while moving your body with your friends!

Application deadline

[If you wish to enroll from the start of the course in April]March 22 (gold)
*Even after the application deadline, we will continue to accept applications for classes with vacancies.
*If you are enrolled in the standard class and would like to participate in the[Adult Interleague Match]from the first league match, please make the initial payment by April 23rd (Tuesday).

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Membership fees etc.

[Enrollment fee]10,000 yen (at the time of enrollment)
[Monthly membership fee]10,000 yen (*6,900 yen for Himeji school only)
*One-time payment every 3 months for spring (April to June), summer (July to September), autumn (October to December), and winter (January to March)

Family preferential treatment system when entering school

If you have a family member living with you, the enrollment fee for the second and subsequent members is free, and the monthly membership fee for the first month of enrollment is free.

How to apply

On your computer or mobile phone, click “Enrollment/free trial application input formPlease access and apply.


・If the capacity is exceeded, you will be placed on a waiting list for cancellations.
・If you would like to join the senior class, please be sure to attend a free trial class before enrolling.

Lottery/result announcement date

You will be notified by mail approximately one week after receiving your application.


Vissel Kobe Soccer School Secretariat
TEL: 078-335-5678 FAX: 078-652-5651 (9:30-17:30 Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

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