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“Vodafone CRM by vcita”, the new solution for SMEs

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“Vodafone CRM by vcita”, the new solution for SMEs

Vodafone Business has launched a new application to increase the productivity of freelancers and small and medium-sized businesses.

Created in collaboration with leading business management software provider vcita, “Vodafone CRM by vcita” – this is the name of the solution on the Italian market – replaces many time-consuming and costly manual activities with new automated and digital services, allowing SMEs to increase productivity, improve customer relationships and increase revenues.

The application Vodafone CRM by vcita offers a customer management platform that includes diary functions for managing appointments, management of the invoicing and payment process and allows you to create communication and marketing campaigns.

The app is part of the portfolio of software products offered together with the connectivity services of Vodafone Business, which wants to support businesses in their digital transformation journey.

The application has been launched in Italy and will be progressively rolled out across Vodafone’s other European markets, and has been specifically designed to help small businesses with limited resources available to digitize their core activities, managing and growing their customer base.

SMEs are the driving force of the economic development of the European Union and contribute more than half of its gross domestic product. According to research, around 84% of SMEs still rely on manual processes to carry out daily tasks such as invoicing, which on average equate to approximately 120 hours of work per year for each company.

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