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Vodafone Italia Foundation and Lines against violence against women

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Vodafone Italia Foundation and Lines against violence against women

On the packaging of Lines sanitary pads, the QR code to download Bright Sky, the app that provides concrete information and tools to women who suffer abuse

Vodafone Italy Foundation e Linesa Fater brand, as part of the initiatives to combat gender-based violence, announce a collaboration agreement which provides for the placement, on the packaging of some product lines Linesa QR code to download Bright Sky, the Vodafone Foundation mobile app that provides resources, support and concrete tools to women who suffer domestic violence and mistreatment.

The packages on which the Bright Sky download QR code appears are those of the pack in stock format and are already in distribution and it is already possible to find them in supermarkets and hypermarkets throughout Italy.

Launched in Italy in 2020 by Vodafone Foundation and already used by over 80,000 people in Italy, the app can be downloaded free of charge and can also be a resource for relatives, friends, work colleagues, associations and all those who are close to abused women. Bright Sky provides information on different types of violence and empowers women to become more aware of how to handle their situation. At the same time, the app provides a mapping of support services dealing with abuse, both locally and nationally. Speed ​​dialing 112 is also available, which can be activated with a single tap on any page of the App. Since March 2023, within the Bright Sky app, there has been a new section dedicated to the topic of financial independence, developed in collaboration with Rame, with concrete suggestions and advice on how to recognise, defend yourself and free yourself from economic violence, one of the even less known forms of abuse.

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The collaboration between the Vodafone Italia Foundation and Lines represents an important step forward in the fight against gender-based violence and fits coherently into the projects linked to the purpose of Lines. In fact, Lines has always been committed to building a world free from stereotypes and gender discrimination in which every woman can be herself. The decision to place the Bright Sky QR code on the packaging of some Lines product lines once again demonstrates the brand’s concrete commitment to combating violence against women and offering them resources and support to get out of risky situations in safe way.

We at Lines have always been at the forefront to help create a society free from gender stereotypes and discrimination – declares Ione Volpe, Fater’s FemCare & AdultCare Marketing Director. We are concretely committed to combating violence against women, which unfortunately still has too many cases in Italy, and for this reason we are pleased to collaborate with the Vodafone Foundation and promote the dissemination of the Bright Sky App, by inserting the QR code on the packaging of our Lines products.

The news, the data and the constant dialogue we have with the associations tell us that the episodes of violence against women show no signs of decreasing and often the violence takes on different forms, not only physical but also psychological and economic. The agreement with an important brand like Lines allows us to directly reach those women who need a support tool. With Bright Sky – he claims Adriana Versino, President of the Vodafone Italy Foundation we want to help abused women become aware and take the first step to get out of risky situations in a safe way.

Vodafone Italia Foundation projects to combat gender-based violence

Vodafone and the Vodafone Italia Foundation have always been engaged in projects to combat all forms of violence against women, providing tools and support to those who have suffered abuse or are in dangerous situations and with the aim of bringing more and more people closer to the issue and to fully understand the seriousness of the phenomenon of gender-based violence.

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To promote the dissemination and use of the Bright Sky app, various campaigns and awareness projects on the issue of gender equality have been launched. The “Eight out of Ten” campaign, launched exclusively on TikTok, told in short videos eight unreported episodes of violence, written and interpreted by four young influencers. The title of the campaign takes up official data from the Ministry of the Interior which underline how eight out of ten women who have suffered violence have never reported their abuser. With the #ChiedoPerUnAmica project, we wanted to follow one of the most ironically used expressions on social media to ask embarrassing questions, reversing its common sense to create a more confidential bond and raise public awareness on the issue of gender-based violence. The #ScrivoPerUnAmica initiative has led to the publication of a collection of stories, told by a collective of writers, dedicated to the various forms of gender-based violence. To promote the new Bright Sky section on economic violence, Fondazione Vodafone Italia has created the social media campaign “La mimosa advises” in which information and suggestions are shared to make women aware of the importance of having to be financially independent, learning, for example , to properly manage and monitor their current account.

The Mobile Angel project, developed together with the Arma dei Carabinieri and the Soroptimist association, is an initiative that aims to make available to women who suffer or have suffered abuse or stalking an effective technological tool, to allow the of the order to be able to intervene promptly in case of need. At the same time, it makes it possible to increase the perception of safety on the part of women, in the awareness of being able to count on timely interventions in the event of any emergencies. The project, launched on 25 November 2022 in the cities of Milan, Naples and Turin, involves 45 women appropriately chosen by the Judicial Authority.

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To combat violence against women, Vodafone has introduced measures to protect its employees with a policy on domestic violence, which allows people who have suffered or suffer violence, in full respect of privacy, to take advantage of 15 days of paid leave, as well as the psychological support of a competent doctor and psychological support services to address all the delicate moments that may arise in these situations. The agreement on flexible working signed with the trade union organizations in November 2020 also provides for greater flexibility for victims of violence, with the possibility of requesting a different modulation of the percentage of flexible working compatible with one’s personal needs.

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