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Vojvodina dropped out of the Europa League | Sports

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Vojvodina dropped out of the Europa League |  Sports

A big, big shame for Vojvodina and Serbian handball!

Source: Mondo / Uroš Arsić

What a pity, what a misfortune! Handball players of Vojvodina beat Kadeten on their field 24:21 (11:8) in the last round of the Top 16 phase of the Europa League, but Boris Rojević’s team finished last in the group and that’s because of one offense!

Vojvodina needed a victory by four goals in order to advance to the knockout phase of the Europa League, after a great defense by the home team, the red and white team had an attack for those plus four, but Nemanja Ratković committed a foul and instead of sending a shot for victory, the referee played the end and sent Schaffhausen on. Check out the latest attack:

00:43 Vojvodina handball Source: Arenasport/printscreen

Source: Arenasport/printscreen

It’s off to a great start! Kadeten couldn’t score for 14 minutes, the fantastic Andrej Trnavac managed to make eight saves, and even had contact with the ball during the guests’ first goal. Vojvodina led 7:0, and then, after three consecutive goals from the visitors, to the delight of the audience at “Slana Bara”, Boris Rojević lifted Jovica Nikolić from the bench in the 16th minute and brought him into the game for the first time.

Then Baris Puhovski made a great move, increasing the score to 9:3 with two individual goals, and then Mohamed Aziz managed to score a goal for 10:3 in the last pass in the attack over the block. However, when it seemed that Vojvodina’s good game would continue, two exclusions were played for the home team and they went into halftime with only a three-goal advantage – 11:8.

The second part of the game started well with two goals by Gregor Ocvirk, then with the exclusion of Đoan Kaneljas and a seven-pointer for 15:10. However, the visiting team managed to get back into the game, to hold on to a four-goal deficit until the end when Ocvirk made two mistakes. First, he threw the ball into Pietrašika’s hands, then missed the seven-pointer, and Kadeten scored at 23:21. Although “tulips” had an attack to win, in the end they fell out!

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Flensburg was the first in the group to advance, Silkeborg was second, and Kadeten and Vojvodina were tied with four points each. They also had the same goal difference in their head-to-head matches, but Schaffhausen advanced due to a better overall goal difference.

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