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Voting ballot design for 2024 is already defined

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Voting ballot design for 2024 is already defined

The drawing of positions for the upcoming elections in El Salvador took place on Wednesday, with the presence of political parties and electoral authorities. The draw determined the order of flags and distinctive elements of political parties on the voting ballots for the presidential, legislative, and municipal council elections.

In the presidential election, the order on the ballot will start with Fuerza Solidaria, followed by FMLN, ARENA, Nuestro Tiempo, Fraternidad Patriota Salvadoreña, and Nuevas Ideas. The draw for the Legislative Assembly placed the flags in the following order: ARENA, Nuevas Ideas, PDC, VAMOS, Nuestro Tiempo, Fuerza Solidaria, CD, FMLN, PCN, and GANA. For the municipal council elections, the order will be: ARENA, Nuevas Ideas, Nuestro Tiempo, Fuerza Solidaria, FPS, VAMOS, CD, FMLN, PCN, PDC, and GANA.

The draw is part of the preparation of electoral material for the upcoming presidential, municipal council, and parliamentary elections in 2024. Approximately 24 million ballots will be printed and distributed to the 1,595 voting centers across the country.

Representatives of the electoral surveillance board, political parties, and the electoral prosecutor’s office were present at the drawing of positions, which is a crucial step in the lead-up to the elections. The presidential elections will take place on February 4, while municipal council and parliamentary elections are scheduled for March 3, 2024.

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