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Wagner mercenaries, that’s who they are and how much they earn

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Wagner mercenaries, that’s who they are and how much they earn

FRANKFURT. The salary of a mercenary who fights for Wagner group in Ukraine it can be around $7,000 a monthwhich can become even more thanks to some “bonuses” related to killings of enemies. She told it to daily mirror a young German who is fighting for Ukraine at the front in Donbass. The 21-year-old also revealed that several foreign nationals fight in the Wagner Group, including Germans, Americans, French, British and Syrians.
The young man, renamed Ben Kauler for security reasons, explained that he had participated in the arrest of two German mercenaries who served in the Wagner battalion. “The two Germans didn’t speak English well, I was instructed to accompany them to Kiev and to translate during their interrogation,” Kauler said, adding that learned of Wagner Group wages from one of the two prisonersnamed Volker.
“Volker is from Berlin. He had been unemployed for a long time and traveled to Russia in September to join the Wagner Group. Without any previous military experience» Kauler said. «He said he only did it for the money. Her salary was also significantly higher than mine. I earn 3,000 euros a month. As a mercenary of Wagner, you get $5,000 a month plus allowances, which takes you up to $7,000. However, according to Volker, you can earn an extra salary: If you kill one of us foreigners and present the corpse’s passport as proof, he gets another $10,000.“, he added.

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