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Walls, review of her album Luna 18 (2024)

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Walls, review of her album Luna 18 (2024)

After becoming one of the most visible faces of the new wave of Spanish pop in recent years, Walls come back with “Luna 18”. The Murcian has continued to investigate that sound with which he surprised us in his first work in which he mixes rock and pop with current forms, but delving deeper into the guitars. In that universe Walls He moves more and more freely. For his oldest followers, it will be a shame to discover that the artist’s freestyle side does not return in this work either, but that is compensated when you discover choreographable hits like “A mi lao” o “Other half”.

At the same time, Walls dares to go a little beyond the more traditional pop-rock structure, showing a more sensual side in “Naples”or is even capable of including a kind of semi-ballad in “Average nights”. Distancing herself from her rapper face has not been in vain, but rather one more movement in order to consolidate herself as one of the powerful artists of the new Spanish mainstream pop panorama.

What does not change regarding “The kids from the park” (22) is the way in which the artist shows his life experience. Ginés has no qualms about telling us about everything he has experienced these last two years when he found himself immersed in the industry. Hence he tells us about his own discrepancies (“In the bones”) and those of those he has met on the scene (“Parallels”) and at the same time dedicate “La Sole” to his mother, a song in which he opens up to show the importance that family has for him. Walls has nothing to hide and he sings about everything that happens to him with practically no filters. This results in a second work confirming one of the greatest exponents of the new generation of Spanish pop on a par with Hens or Pole.

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