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War latest news. From the USA 95 billion to Ukraine and Israel. Russia, deputy defense minister arrested

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The Senate gave the green light with 79 votes in favor and 18 against the long-awaited aid, not only military, intended for Ukraine and Israel. The 95 billion package also includes allocations for Taiwan and an ultimatum to TikTok

Russia, Court confirms arrest of deputy defense minister

A Moscow court today transformed the arrest of Deputy Defense Minister Timur Ivanov, accused of corruption, into arrest. This was reported by the Ria Novosti agency.

Argentina presents official request for arrest of Iranian Interior Minister

Argentina has submitted an official request for the arrest of Iranian Interior Minister and former Quds Force commander Ahmad Vahidi for his role in the Amia bombing in Buenos Aires in 1994, the ministry said. of Argentine Foreign Affairs. Vahidi, former head of the Revolutionary Guards’ extraterritorial Quds Force, is suspected of being responsible for the attack. Buenos Aires is also calling on the governments of Pakistan and Sri Lanka, where Vahidi is currently located, to arrest the minister. In 1994, a truck loaded with explosives entered the Amia Jewish center and exploded, causing 85 deaths and 300 injuries. Argentina and Israel have long suspected that Hezbollah carried out the attack at Iran’s request.

IDF hits rocket launchers and Hezbollah positions in southern Lebanon

A rocket launcher in Tayr Harfa, southern Lebanon, was hit by the Israeli Air Force shortly after it was used in an attack on the northern Israeli community of Shomera last night. The IDF announced this, adding that another building in which Hezbollah agents were gathered was also hit in the area. Overnight, IAF fighter jets carried out a wave of strikes on Hezbollah positions in southern Lebanon, following the terrorist group’s repeated attacks in northern Israel. Among the targets hit were infrastructure in Markaba, a building in Ayta ash-Shab and an observation post in Marwahin. Troops also shelled areas near Chihine and Kfarchouba with artillery to “remove threats”, the military added.

Kiev drones hit fuel depots in Russia

Fires have broken out at fuel depots in the Smolensky and Yartsevo districts of Russia’s Smolensk region. Tass writes this, quoting the head of the region Vasily Anokhin, who on Telegram specified that the fires are due to an attack by Ukrainian drones. “Our region is once again under attack from Ukrainian UAVs. Russian air defense forces intervened to counter the attack, as a result of which civilian fuel facilities caught fire,” the governor said. The head of the region clarified that employees of the Ministry for Emergency Situations are on site and called on citizens to remain calm and not to panic.

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Trump and Biden win primaries in Pennsylvania

Joe Biden and Donald Trump have won their respective party primaries in Pennsylvania. With 98.5% of the votes counted, Trump received 83.5% of the votes in the Republican race ahead of Nikki Haley, who suspended her campaign for the presidency and stopped at 16.5%. As regards the Democratic primaries, with 94.6% of the votes counted, incumbent US President Biden obtained 93.1% of the preferences, writes the Washington Post.

Israel thanks the US for aid, a strong message to our enemies

Israel thanks the United States after Congress gave the green light to the package that includes aid to Israel. “I thank the United States Senate for passing the aid package for Israel with an overwhelming bipartisan majority. As we mark 200 days since the barbaric Hamas terrorist attack on October 7, Israel and the United States stand united in the fight against terrorism, in defense of democracy and our common values. The aid package to Israel, which has now been approved by both houses of Congress, is a clear testimony to the strength of our alliance and sends a strong message to all our enemies,” said Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz , in a post on X.

North Korean delegation to Iran on economic cooperation

North Korea has sent “an economic delegation” to Iran, in what is considered an unprecedented initiative that raises fears of bilateral cooperation on military programs and armaments. Minister of External Economic Relations Yun Jong-ho, the state news agency KCNA reported, left for Tehran on Tuesday at the head of a group of officials. It is rare for a personality of Pyongyang’s nomenclature to travel to Iran: in 2019, Pak Chol-min, then vice-president of the Supreme People’s Assembly, did so to discuss wide-ranging cooperation. Having established diplomatic relations in 1973, Pyongyang and Tehran have consolidated ties during the beginning of the period of international sanctions aimed at targeting their weapons programs. Furthermore, the two countries are suspected of exchanging ballistic missile technology, especially during the Iran-Iraq war of 1980-1988. Yun’s trip raises suspicions that, with economic cooperation, North Korea may seek to deepen military ties with Iran in the context of Russia’s war with Ukraine. Pyongyang and Tehran are the main suppliers of weapons to Moscow, which is engaged in aggression against Kiev. But the recent Iranian launch of over 300 drones and missiles towards Israel may also have occurred with the support of Pyongyang’s technology. In 2006, the commander in chief of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards admitted that his country had obtained Scud-B and Scud-C missiles from the North. While a 2019 report by the US Defense Intelligence Agency highlighted that Iran’s Shahab-3 ballistic missiles were developed based on North Korea’s medium-range Rodong missiles. The Khorramshahr launcher developed by Iran is considered technically linked to North Korea’s Musudan missiles. Finally, the experts observed that the North may have asked Iran for help on solid fuel missiles, including carriers equipped with hypersonic warheads, a sector in which leader Kim Jong-un has decided to invest forcefully.

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Ukrainian drones over Russian Smolensk oblast, energy plants on fire

Two energy plants in the western Russian region of Smolensk caught fire tonight following a Ukrainian drone attack, Governor Vasily Anokhin was quoted as saying by the Tass news agency. “Our oblast has once again become a target. The Russian Army’s air defenses are used against aerial targets. The enemy’s attack on civilian power plants in the Smolensky and Yartsevsky districts caused fires,” Anokhin said.

Biden, ‘new weapons for Ukraine already this week’

US President Joe Biden said the US “will begin sending weapons and equipment to Ukraine this week” after the US Congress voted on long-awaited aid for Kiev. “I will sign this bill and speak to the American people when it arrives on my desk tomorrow” (today in Italy), Biden said in a White House statement. Congress responded to the “call of history” with this law which aims to “strengthen our national security and send a message to the world about the power of American leadership”, added the US president.

Zelensky thanks the US Senate, ‘vital help’

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked the US Senate for approving $61 billion in military and economic aid to his country. “I am grateful to the US Senate for approving vital aid for Ukraine,” Zelensky wrote on social media shortly after approving the massive aid package for Kiev.

Ukraine: Russian missiles on the city of Kharkiv, two injured

Two people were injured and four residential buildings were damaged in a Russian attack that hit the city of Kharkiv this evening, according to the mayor of the north-eastern Ukrainian city Ihor Terekhov. Moscow forces launched S-300 surface-to-air missiles hitting the Shevchenkivskyi neighborhood, explains the mayor on Telegram. A gas pipeline was also damaged. Elsewhere in the Kharkiv region Russian missiles hit an administrative building in Zolochiv in the Bohodukhivskyi district, says oblast governor Oleh Syniehubov. Yesterday four people were injured in several attacks by Moscow forces on the nearby Sumy region, the military administration of the oblast reported today cited by local media.

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US Congress approves aid package for Ukraine and Israel

The US Congress has adopted a gigantic military and economic aid package for Ukraine, the result of months of extremely tense and laborious negotiations. The plan – which also includes funding for Israel, Taiwan and an ultimatum to TikTok – received overwhelming support in the Senate. It passed with an overwhelming vote of 79 to 18, having already been approved by the US House on Saturday. It now goes to President Joe Biden to sign into law, which is expected quickly. “Finally, finally, finally. Tonight, after more than six months of hard work and many twists and turns, America sends a message to the entire world: we will not turn our backs on you,” commented Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer. US President Joe Biden has promised to promulgate the text. The aid package is worth $95 billion. The funds are the result of months of extremely bitter negotiations, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s comings and goings in Washington and pressure from allies around the world.

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