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Warmth of Army Martyrs | A warm Spring Festival reunion: “Parents of heroes are our parents!”-Qianlong.com·China Capital.com

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Warmth of Army Martyrs | A warm Spring Festival reunion: “Parents of heroes are our parents!”-Qianlong.com·China Capital.com

Source Title: Warmth of the Army Martyrs | A warm Spring Festival reunion: “The parents of heroes are our parents!”

This is a long trip for Xiao Shengsong and his wife before the Spring Festival.

In the trunk, the luggage piled up was a little crowded. In addition to two boxes of hometown specialties, there was also a special cartoon rabbit ornament. Before leaving, Xiao Shengsong turned sideways and put a photo in the middle of the suitcase.

The destination of his trip with his wife Liu Lixia was “Yang Gensilian” of a brigade of the 83rd Army.

Reunion in the distance – “Welcome parents home for the New Year”

Chinese New Year is a reunion after a long absence.

But most of the “relatives” waiting to be reunited with Xiao Shengsong and his wife at the end of the journey have never met them.

The time axis moves forward, and the reason for this trip gradually becomes clear——

In June 2020, Xiao Siyuan, a 24-year-old soldier, left his young life in Karakorum forever. What Xiao Shengsong quietly put into the suitcase before leaving was the photo of his eldest son Xiao Siyuan.

Two and a half years later, 18-year-old Xiao Rongji joined the army following in the footsteps of his elder brother Xiao Siyuan and became the 6986th soldier of the “Yang Gensilian” brigade of the 83rd Army.

“When the Sophora japonica flowers are in the new rain, I will send my son to serve the country again.” After Xiao Siyuan died, Xiao Shengsong and his wife followed the wishes of their youngest son and sent their son to join the army again. The deeds of the heroic family moved countless netizens to tears in front of the screen. On the eve of the Spring Festival this year, Xiao Rongji’s “Yang Gensilian” invited the hero’s parents to the team to celebrate the New Year.

As the Spring Festival is approaching, Xiao Shengsong and Liu Lixia were invited to “Yang Gensilian” to celebrate the New Year with officers and soldiers of the whole company.Photo by Ji Peng

The cold wind in the Central Plains in winter, as soon as they got out of the car, the sound of “Welcome parents home for the New Year” made Xiao Shengsong and his wife feel warm in their hearts.

On the training ground not far away, Xiao Rongji and his comrades ran, lay down, and crawled… For more than six years, the husband and wife sent their two sons to join the army, but it was the first time they saw their son on the training ground look. Liu Lixia listened, watched, and thought, and when some pictures flooded into her mind, tears instantly blurred her vision.

Seeing her son running towards her, the mother quickly wiped away her tears. The son in front of him has a dark face, strong shoulders, and thick arms. Holding his strong hands, the mother has a gratified smile on her face.

Xiao Rongji is training.Photo by Ji Peng

After the training, squad leader Lin Siqi handed over the gifts prepared by the soldiers to Xiao Shengsong and his wife. Every word and every word was the respect that the soldiers poured into the letter——

“Hi, Mom and Dad! It’s a great honor to be here with Rongji in the group of heroes ‘Yang Gen Silian’. Next, we will unite as one and grow together.”

“Mom and Dad, I am a fellow from Xinxiang, and the heroic deeds of Squad Leader Xiao have always inspired me!”

“Parents, don’t worry, I will do my best and lead Rongji to take the first step in his military career.”


Instructor Wang Yuheng wrote a letter to Xiao’s father and Xiao’s mother.Photo by Zhu Baiyan

Entrustment of life – “Your parents are our parents”

The instructor Wang Yuheng narrated the history of the relationship for the two elders. When they were emotional, Mother Xiao shed tears of emotion.Photo by Ji Peng

The entrustment between heroes has gone through the test of life and death, and only the long river of time can witness the weight of the promise.

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“I don’t believe that there are tasks that cannot be completed, that there are difficulties that cannot be overcome, and that there are enemies that cannot be defeated!” “Yang Gensilian” came from the bank of Changjin Lake. Behind many promises, there is an entrustment of life. In the honor room of the company, Xiao Rongji told his parents about the deeds of the old company commander Yang Gensi and the peacekeeping martyrs Li Lei and Yang Shupeng. Listening to the hero’s story and looking at the hero’s posthumous photos, Liu Lixia’s tears flowed down slowly.

When talking with Xiao Shengsong and his wife, squad leader Lin Siqi also choked up for a while. He thought of his old comrade-in-arms Yang Shupeng. In 2016, when Yang Shupeng was performing a peacekeeping mission, his infantry fighting vehicle was attacked by rockets, and he died due to ineffective rescue. “Squad Leader Xiao and Squad Leader Yang are both heroes. They sacrificed for the country, and those who stay behind must help them take good care of their families.”

Inheriting the spirit of heroes and taking care of their families is the consensus of the officers and soldiers of “Yang Gensilian”. Since martyr Yang Shupeng died, the company has invited his family to the company many times for festivals. Since this year, Xiao Siyuan’s parents have also become the common relatives of the company officers and soldiers.

On the night of the reunion dinner, Xiao Siyuan’s former comrade-in-arms also made a video call——

“Mom and Dad, I’m your son. I’ll see you when I go back on vacation.”

“Rongji, you’re also wearing a military uniform now, you’re very energetic!”


At the end of the video, comrades in arms paid a solemn military salute to Xiao Shengsong and his wife. Behind this military salute, there are concerns, longings, and the flesh and blood entrusted to each other by heroes.

Hero’s Guidance – “Take your steel gun and walk the path you have walked”

Heroes defend their homeland with their lives, like shining “spiritual signposts”, guiding people in the way forward. After Xiao Siyuan died, his younger brother Xiao Rongji seemed to grow up overnight. He took over the responsibility of taking care of his family, and even took over the steel gun of defending his family and country.

“Be a good fighter and don’t embarrass your brother.” In the recent assessment, Xiao Rongji was rated as a training star for his outstanding performance. Whenever he does high-intensity training, he will remind himself that his brother must have come through the same way back then.

In the luggage of Xiao Shengsong and his wife, there is also an animation rabbit ornament. This is a gift specially chosen by Xiao’s mother for Xiao Rongji before coming to the army. The image of this rabbit comes from “Things About That Rabbit That Year”, and it is Xiao Siyuan’s WeChat avatar before his sacrifice.

“Now I’m giving you this ornament, and I hope this New Year’s gift can become your spiritual sustenance for taking root in the military camp.” Father Xiao solemnly delivered this gift to Xiao Rongji.

Xiao Shengsong and his wife carefully selected a gift for Xiao Rongji.Photo by Ji Peng

In this reunion festival, thousands of families look forward to joy, success and safety. And these good wishes can be realized precisely because there are countless heroes charging forward. In the hometown where they can’t go back, there will always be countless lights still shining for their loved ones. We must keep the sacrifices of heroes in mind. Taking good care of the relatives of the martyrs and inheriting the spirit of heroes is the best consolation for heroes.

Editor in charge: Zhang Siyu (QX0007)Author: Zhu Baiyan Zhao Songyan Zhao Wanshu Wang Yue

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