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Was suspended last winter – now Amrit Kaur has been elected as the new leader of the Rød UngdomAltinget: Løvebakken

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Was suspended last winter – now Amrit Kaur has been elected as the new leader of the Rød UngdomAltinget: Løvebakken

The election committee had recommended the re-election of Liv Müller Smith-Sivertsen as Rød Ungdom leader for a new term. But the delegates wanted it differently.

Amrit Kaur has been a member of the central board for a period, but was suspended from the party after what was described as a “communist conspiracy” – and for “damaging the organization and breaking the statutes”.

This happened in February. Then a total of five members were suspended following a decision in the national board, two of the suspended sat in the central board.

The manner in which the suspensions were carried out was strongly criticised. Before the national meeting, around a hundred members had demanded that the suspensions be annulled. They got a 2/3 majority when this was voted on on Friday. Then Amrit Kaur also made it clear that her candidacy for the leadership position was ready.

Amrit Kaur is a leader in Drammen and Omegn Rød Ungdom and has been a committee member in the main committee for upbringing in Drammen municipality.

She has not responded to the Alting’s inquiries after the leadership election.

But Halvor Bergkvist, who has both been on the previous central board, and who has now been elected as one of two parallel deputy leaders, explains what was the basis for the annulment decision that opened the way for Kaur as leader.

– When the national board was to discuss, there were very many who did not have the opportunity to vote on the suspension decision, eight other than those who had been proposed to be suspended, did not have the opportunity to express their opinion. The reason was that exclusion cases had also been brought against them, but these cases were rejected. So there was no reason why they should not be allowed to help decide the exclusion case against Kaur and the others, says Halvor Bergkvist, newly elected deputy leader of Rød Ungdom, to the Alting.

– Kaur exceptionally skilled

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Bergkvist tells of a national meeting with great drama and much discussion.

– We are used to political matters creating a lot of debate, but this was something else, he says.

He also believes that the representation that Kaur and her associates should have damaged the organization is not true.

– She is a very capable leader, is very constructive and exceptionally skilled. She is also someone who takes conflicts and disagreements openly and in a friendly manner, says Bergkvist, who has reacted to what he believes has been a lack of generosity on the part of former leader Liv Müller Smith-Sivertsen.

– When the exclusion issue came up, I think it became clear who wants a generous party culture and who doesn’t, says Bergkvist.

Outgoing leader Liv Müller Smith-Sivertsen tells the Alting that she will give a supplementary answer on Monday.

To the class match before the weekend she denied that the case was about a political disagreement. She also warned against what she believed to be secrecy and molestation operations to gain power and positions.

When the election was made clear, Smith-Sivertsen and around 20 other delegates marched out of the national assembly hall in protest.

Now Smith-Sivertsen is without positions in Rød Ungdom. Ahmed Al-Saedi from Molde was elected as the second of the two deputy chairmen.

Rød Ungdom’s new central board

Manager: Amrit Pernille Kaur

Deputy managers: Håkon Rønning Bergkvist and Ahmed Al-Saedi

Secretary General: Seven Kleve Kolstad

Finance manager: Mina Rollag Torvik

Other central board members:
Daniel Ernst Homme
Mona Lill Angel-Olsen
Sondre Alvestad
Echo Halvorsen
Amalie Løwe

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