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‘We are hungry, sick and homeless. Get us out of Gaza’: Palestinians launch hundreds of fundraisers to flee to Egypt | The stories

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‘We are hungry, sick and homeless.  Get us out of Gaza’: Palestinians launch hundreds of fundraisers to flee to Egypt |  The stories

On Al Mawasi beach, a Gazahundreds of people have arrived in recent days, after the announcement of the entry to Rafah of the prime minister’s Israeli army Benjamin Netanyahu, on February 17. “We ran away for the umpteenth time. I’m really out of energy, Habibi†. Among the civilians who fled to the coast, Karam Jad and his family members found temporary shelter in an acquaintance’s apartment. All around, the quiet now seems like a distant memory: “Can you hear this buzz? THE drones they pass continuously, you can’t hear anything”, explains the 21-year-old to Ilfattoquotidiano.it returning to the makeshift home with her granddaughter. “We have not electricity e waterwe moved today to avoid future ones mass evacuations”.

With his family, made up of 13 people, Karam arrived on the coast after the fifth movement since the beginning of the attacks by Israel Defense Forces (IDF): “We no longer know where to go. At first we ran away from our house, to Gaza Cityto find refuge in the district of Khan Younis – says the young Palestinian – When the bombings arrived there too, a few weeks later, we decided to return, we had surrendered to the inevitable”.

Then the flight to the south, to Rafahwhere Karam found a job as a logistics coordinator for the distribution of humanitarian aid and lived in a house shared with about 30 people. Unfortunately, the money earned so far has not been enough to cover the rent for the whole family. “When the owner of the apartment raised the prices, the situation was no longer sustainable. We left. We do what we can, but my father is getting sick, while my four-year-old granddaughter is showing signs of psychological trauma. I want them to get out of hell”.

Saving your family, yourself: for many people the only thought is now escape from Gazabut without a double passport or residence permit abroad the cost is very high. In the complete absence of safe and effective international cooperation mechanisms, the only way to exit the Rafah crossing is by coordinating with the Egyptian agency Hala Consulting and Tourism Service, a tourist company authorized to issue exit permits from ™Palestinian enclave. “They ask 5 thousand euros per adult and 3 thousand for children aged 0 to 13″, says the young Palestinian nervously, showing a photo of his family unit. “I am absurd numbers, we are under siege and we barely have money to eat, they take advantage of desperation to get rich”. In order to allow the escape of his parents, together with three sisters-in-law and four nephews, Karam recently started a online fundraising to put together the 62mila euro totals requested by the agency. Like him, in recent weeks, hundreds of families in Gaza have resorted to similar tools on platforms crowdfunding come GoFundmehoping to be able to reach the figures requested by Hala, the absolute monopoly holder on this business of desperation.

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An exploitation that is not new that of the tourist agency based in Cairo which he was already proposing starting from the escalations of 2019 VIP packages from 1,200 euros which included transport across the border and the issuing of ‘coordination’ (in Arabic tanseeq), document with which you can cross the border. “At the end of October 2023, prices were between 7 thousand and 10 thousand euros. They’ve had to adjust since December because no one could afford it”, adds Karam, who concludes: “I just hope I can help my family. In the meantime, my brothers and I will stay here, waiting for this nightmare to end”.

Since the beginning of the conflict, around 30 people have used the service every day, with record earnings for Hala, which at the end of the day closes the registration form on its page, urging civilians “not to gather in front of the company gate until the online form is reopened the following day.

As with Karam, the family of Friday e Shaban suffered the same fate. From north to south, with various movements in between, to then rent a bombed house without part of the walls. Around, in the winter cold, the tent city where more than a million people live. An extreme condition, without food, water, sewage systems and waste treatment, which pushed the couple to open another independent fundraiser: “My younger brothers, We are e Anythingare affected by Crohn’s disease, a serious autoimmune disease that could be fatal if not treated well”, explains Shaban in the crowdfunding text. Due to the pathology, Nada is in desperate need of injections Infliximab, a hard-to-find drug that, as with most medicines, “is impossible to find here in Gaza. Without a shot for three months now, his health condition is at serious risk”. For them too, the escape in Egypt It has a very high price, equal to 45 thousand euros. “Right now, unfortunately, it’s a matter of life and death,” adds the 28-year-old on GoFundMe, underlining that the request for help comes “after months of thoughts and hesitations, because Gaza has been our home, with all its joys and difficulties”.

It was, because little or nothing of the Strip now remains standing. According to the latest report Unctadfollowing the findings of United Nations Satellite Centre, at least 37,379 buildings were damaged from 7 October to 26 November, of which more than 10 thousand were completely destroyed. To the damage caused by the bombings, as reported by New York Times, then add massive controlled demolition operations of inhabited centers which have obliterated entire neighbourhoods. The target? Prevent the return of Palestinian civilians to their homes.

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Foto di Karam Jad e Jumana Shaheen

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