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We premiere AmaLia’s first single video

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We premiere AmaLia’s first single video

The debut of AmaLia It comes a few days after Father’s Day, although it is mother’s love that illuminates this first single. An imperishable story like that pop rock halfway between Iván Ferreiro and Josele Santiago in which he has settled Sergio Dorizzi (drums in Cecilia Ann, Laberinto B, L84…) to debut as a singer and do it with great ease (and it’s not motherly love). Sergio is accompanied on this adventure fair villa (Kowalski, Apolo Mil, Sarah Connor) who, in addition to holding the guitar, is in charge of composing the songs, Sergio Romero (Kowalski, Ultra Shape, Apolo Mil) on bass and Edu Maldonador (Applebite, Erial, Parlement, Desert Stone) on drums.

The debut of AmaLia has the collaborations of Jimi Garcia (Eskorzo, The 300), imma lorenzo (Carmencita Calavera, Soundbay) and Javi PPM. Although the first single points to pop rock, we are dealing with a band that is difficult to classify (they do not intend to) that draws on sounds ranging from Post Punk to Stoner, going through Pop, blues, copla, electronic music and rock & roll from Chuck Berry to the present day.

For now we leave you with placid and adorable Amalia.

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