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We premiere the clip “Alexa, do you love me?” by Captain Sunrise

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We premiere the clip “Alexa, do you love me?”  by Captain Sunrise

Last September 29th it saw the light “Playlist for an Apocalypse” (Subterfuge, 23), the new work of Captain Sunrise. One of her songs is “Alexa, do you love me?”, in which she collaborates Jordana B and of which today we premiere the video clip.

Captain Sunrise wants the end of the world to catch us dancing. That’s what they tell us in “Playlist for an Apocalypse”, their nine new songs published a couple of months ago. For one of them, “Alexa, do you love me?”, we premiere the video today. The song maintains the effectiveness of his hit “Kiss me before the government changes”, with an acidic and fun look in which Santi Diego and theirs combine guitars and synthesizers to make us dance as much as possible.

Hence, in this song, in which they collaborate with Jordana B, we can glimpse nuances of bands as different as Miranda!; La La Love You o The blue Housebut also the classic melodies of groups like Belle And Sebastian o Pet Shop Boys.

Oh, and as they themselves say, they hope that, one day, Jeff Bezos will send them a response for this pop punk outburst that is “Alexa, do you love me?”

The video clip has been directed and edited by Daniel Cuenca (The Power of Pop), con Natalia Alvarez as director of photography. As for the song, it has been composed by Santi Diego, Paco Cuenca, Noelia Cabezas, Miguel Sánchez, Fran Jiménez and María Solá, with arrangements by Guille Mostaza y Diego Perinettias well as production and mastering also of Guille Mostaza in Poplar Shock.

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