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«We want to remain an open society»- Corriere TV

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«We want to remain an open society»- Corriere TV

(LaPresse) It will be a challenge to the last vote that will decide the new prime minister in Finland. On Sunday, the country is called to vote for the renewal of the 200 seats in the Parliament, made up of a single chamber. The current premier Sanna Marin, despite the consensus accumulated in the 4 years of mandate, cannot count on an obvious victory: “It is important that the social democrats win because we want to remain an open society that also wants to work together at an international level”, he said said Marin on the eve of the elections. Undermining the outgoing prime minister is Riikka Purra, leader of the ultranationalist ‘Finnish’ party, previously known as ‘True Finns’. (LaPresse)

April 1, 2023 – Updated April 1, 2023 , 6:54 pm

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