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Weather forecast. Fire smoke from Canada reaches Europe « 3B Meteo

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Weather forecast.  Fire smoke from Canada reaches Europe « 3B Meteo

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1 minute, 28 seconds smoke from wildfires, from Canada to Europe

The fires that continue to rage in Canada are so large and powerful that the smoke reaches Europe. High-altitude currents blowing from west to east are pushing smoke plumes towards Ireland, the UK and western Europe. These are known dynamics, linked to the mechanism of atmospheric circulation which can carry smoke from one continent to another.

Most of the smoke will remain confined to high altitudes and will have little effect on air quality since the number of particles is so low that it is unlikely to cause any risk to human health. The skies at most could take on a hazy tone while sunrises and sunsets would be more colourful.

This situation is in no way comparable to what is happening in North America where over 400 fires continue to rage; the situation is dramatic between Canada and the United States. New York in recent weeks had become the first city in the world with the worst air quality. Canada’s 2023 fire season could be worst ever, 7.2 million hectares of land burned so far up from 7.1 million in 1995 considered to be the largest wildfire season in history so far modern.

This is the result of a blockade anticyclone that has persisted since May and which continues to cause dry and very hot conditions, ideal conditions for the fires to spread. Some areas of Canada have also been in drought since 2020. Science agrees that climate change is making extreme weather more likely such as heat and drought that favor fires. mmitigating the impacts of fires is therefore a priority.

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Blocked weather conditions contribute to dry weather in Canada

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