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Weather forecast, twin storms arrive over the weekend. Avalanche warning

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Weather forecast, twin storms arrive over the weekend.  Avalanche warning

From February 22nd onwards, successive disturbances hit Italy, bringing more than 2 meters of fresh snow to much of the Alpine range.

Avalanche danger

The site www.iLMeteo.it confirms that the avalanche danger will remain strong after the record snowfall, even in the presence of the sun, and partly also due to the sun and the temporary increase in temperatures. Mild thermal values ​​will, in fact, favor the melting of the snow, creating a blade of water at the base of the mantle: this blade will make the enormous accumulations of snow slide towards the valley due to the gravity and the inconsistency of the mantle.

No drought in the North

On the other hand, we also find some good news: the snow present at the highest altitudes will melt in spring, replenishing the water tables; no more drought in the North after 2 desperate winters. In fact, in 2021 and 2022 there was an exaggerated crisis right between Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta: where we now have tons of snow (therefore water) in the previous 2 winter seasons we suffered an extreme drought.

The forecasts, among other things, confirm more rain in buckets for the rest of this week too. Two more cyclones will reach our country, from North to South: the first cyclone will enter from Piedmont in the second part of the day, hitting mainly the Centre-North until Wednesday evening.

Cyclone over the weekend

After a brief respite between the 7th and 8th, a new cyclone will arrive over the weekend.

This weekend cyclone will bring two very similar disturbed fronts and we will be able to talk about the ‘twin storms’: we will find two storms with bad weather between Saturday and Sunday and, unfortunately, a lot of fresh snow in the Alps; unfortunately due to the danger of avalanches, fortunately against the spring and summer drought.

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Tuesday 5. In the north: initially sunny, but by the evening it gets worse again. In the centre: showers close to the hills. Dry elsewhere. In the south: unstable over Sicily and Calabria, especially Tyrrhenian ones.

Wednesday 6. In the north: unstable at times. In the centre: showers in Tuscany, Umbria and locally Marche, snow at 1000 metres. In the south: good weather, increasing clouds in the evening.

Thursday 7. In the north: sunny. Middle: sunny. In the south: some rain then clearing.

Trend: brief dry respite then new worsening from Friday evening starting from the North-West and Sardinia.


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