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What a debut! Rodrigo Holgado scores in the beating of America in a classic

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What a debut!  Rodrigo Holgado scores in the beating of America in a classic

Colombian soccer

Just 3′ after entering, the former Coquimbo Unidos striker who was very close to reinforcing U. de Chile left his mark: he celebrated with a talented Colombian striker and caused a lot of joy in former teammates. What a premiere!

This is how Rodrigo Holgado celebrated his first goal in América de Cali.

Rodrigo Holgado He had a dream debut in Colombian soccer. The official premiere of him with the Cali America It was in a classic against Atlético Nacional. It only took three minutes to be present on the scoreboard for the Scarlet team, which won by a resounding 4-1 against the Medellín team.

Everything started very well for the hosts: Adrian Ramos He opened the account thanks to a powerful shot outside the area when 25 minutes were played. The 2-0 came due to a rude error between central defender Sergio Mosquera and goalkeeper Harlen Castillo.

The defender tried to clear the ball, but all he did was leave the goalkeeper out of focus. National Athletic. It was so Andres Sarmiento He made the most of that situation and scored with a touch of his chest to the ball. They were running 63′ when Cesar Farías He sent Holgado onto the playing field instead of the scorer of La Mechita’s second goal.

And the former forward of Coquimbo Kingdom, that was very close to reinforcing University of Chile In this transfer market, he had an immediate influence. He took advantage of a precise corner kick from Ever Valencia and did everything else: a dove header at the near post that left Castillo with no option: he managed to touch the ball, but not prevent it from getting tangled in the goal.

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He celebrated with a very direct allusion to his last club: He covered one eye, like a pirate. A clear memory of a place where she knew how to feel at home. To a Barbón in a black-gold suit who sheltered him as if he had always been one of his own. Central defender Bernardo Espinosa scored and Ever Valencia made it 4-1.

Great debut for Rodrigo Holgado in América de Cali: he enters and scores in the classic just in 3′

Rodrigo Holgado’s debut with the América de Cali shirt, which won 4-1 in the classic against Atlético Nacional de Medellín on the first date, had an impact on several of the Argentine’s former teammates. One was the Uruguayan Diego Coelho, with whom he coincided in United Curico.

But there were also a couple from Coquimbo Unidos who were waiting for the premiere of Holgado. one was Diego Sanchezwho shared his joy through his Instagram account. “Two minutes were enough, friend. “Big turro”the Monkey wrote to him in one of his stories.

Another who showed his happiness was his compatriot Salvador Sánchez, defender of the Aurinegros. He shared a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation in which Rodrigo Holgado anticipated that he would score a goal. “Manifest, turreque”wrote the defender, an undisputed in the elevens of Fernando Diaz.

Meanwhile, Rodrigo Holgado was also happy with a talented Colombian player with whom he plays in América de Cali: Edwin Cardona. In fact, the attacker who also played in A bold Italian He uploaded a photo with a smile from one ear to the other next to the lefty. He immediately begins to pay with goals for his arrival in the highest category of Colombian soccer.

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