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What does Filip Car do when he is not at the Cooperative | Fun

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What does Filip Car do when he is not at the Cooperative |  Fun

Taki Marinković again defended his daughter Maja Marinković and attacked Filip Car

Source: YouTube/Zadruga Official

Maja Marinković and Filip Car, partners in the last and this season of Co-operative who are currently in a fierce conflict, fought again, and during the fight, Car said that Maja had “s**ked sex with her father, Radomir Marinković Taki”.

Maja’s father reacted urgently, attacked the Emperor again, and then told what he found out about him.

“Can a normal person say that? So they have nothing more to say, how to insult Maja Marinković, because they are powerless against her! Well, they have their mother and sister and everything there. His parents are divorced, his house is mortgaged!” said Taki and continued:

His mom works on a boat! I was almost with people, I met some girls and boys from Crkvenica, so they showed me pictures of that bully, who fainted three times while they were taking him from Crkvenica to Zagreb! Yes, it is true that he molested the girl, the girl told me personally! Her uncle drove it. His house is mortgaged, and here he presents himself as a millionaire! This is what people told me firsthand, I even took a picture with them. I don’t speak by heart, because I can’t speak something I don’t know. The father is a drunkard, he’s a maniac, he’s irrelevant there, he sells those deckchairs, he sells those slippers in the summer when those tourists come, he sells donuts on the beach! And he plays some mangup for me here! He came to Belgrade twice on an excursion and now he knows everything, who went out where, everyone’s past! He hangs out with two or three fans and two or three reality TV players and now plays a mangup around Belgrade, and they saved him twice! When some of my friends took him out of the club, he cried like a little child, he even peed his pants! How he shook like a rod in front of those clubs! So much for how much of a mangup he is in Belgrade, and it’s known about me… I’ve been on the street for 30 years and everyone knows about me… And where I get my money from, everything about me is known,” Marinković said.

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This is what Filip Tsar looked like before the Cooperative:

And, like this during the fight with Maja Marinković:

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