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What drove Buba’s gender identity change in ‘Renascer’

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What drove Buba’s gender identity change in ‘Renascer’

Continues after advertising Buba in two halves. Actresses Maria Luisa Mendonça and Gabriela Medeiros – (Montage/TV Globo) Continues after advertising

An iconic television drama character, Buba (Gabriela Medeiros) is a transsexual woman in Renascer, just like the actress who plays her. The remake decided to change the character’s gender identity, since in the first version, from 1993, she was called a “hermaphrodite” – a term that is at odds with current times, as it sounds pejorative to designate intersex people, that is, those who are born with physical, genetic or hormonal characteristics that do not fit the binary biological definitions of male and female.

In the old version, the actress Maria Luisa Mendonça, who is a cis woman, was the one who played Buba as intersex. In the updated version, Buba appeared for the first time in the soap opera in this Wednesday’s chapter, 7, when José Venâncio (Rodrigo Simas) seeks her out to declare himself. As soon as the atmosphere between them heats up, already in bed and kissing, the girl decides to reveal that she is trans.

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