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What is known about the Kansas City shooting

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What is known about the Kansas City shooting

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Wednesday afternoon in Kansas City, Missouri, one or more people they started shooting during the parade to celebrate the victory of the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl, the final of the American football championship. Thousands of fans and onlookers were taking part in the parade: one person was killed and at least 21 were injured. Police said they arrested three people suspected of being involved in the attack, whose identity and motives are currently unknown.

The shooting occurred in the area of ​​Union Station, the train station in downtown Kansas City. The first shots were heard around 2pm local time, when it was already evening in Italy and the parade was ending. Second some testimony heard by the US media, at first it seemed like we could hear fireworks; others had only realized what was happening when someone started shouting to duck and take cover.

Videos shared on social networks show fans running or tripping over each other as police intervene. One in particular it seems to show a group of people blocking one of the alleged perpetrators of the shooting.

During a news conference, Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves said one person was killed and 21 were injured, eight of them seriously. A hospital in the city said it had treated eleven minors between the ages of six and fifteen, nine of whom had gunshot wounds. None of them are in critical condition.

The police intervened rather quickly, also because more than 800 officers had been mobilized to manage security during the celebrations. Graves added that at the moment nothing is known about the motivation for the shooting, and that the police are investigating to ascertain the exact number of injured and understand how many shots were fired and exactly where. Also participating in the parade were Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly and Missouri Gov. Mike Parson, who were not involved in the shooting.

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