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What kind of illness does the top model have?

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What kind of illness does the top model have?

Winnie Harlow: This is what lies behind the disease vitiligo

Winnie Harlow, whose real name is Chantelle Brown-Young, is a real supermodel and again and again international catwalks to see. She self-confidently admits to her skin disease, which is called vitiligo and in which a loss of pigment leads to irregular, pale spots on the skin. Normally, melanocytes produce the pigment melanin, which is responsible for skin color. This works for people with vitiligo body’s own immune system the melanocytes and destroys them, resulting in a loss of skin pigment. At the age of four, Winnie Harlow’s parents were born for the first time White spots attentive to her daughter’s stomach. After the model was introduced to various doctors, she and her family finally received the diagnosis: vitiligo. Because of her appearance The disease is also called white spot disease. The disease that affects the skin is extremely rare, but completely harmless.

Suicidal thoughts due to the illness

Nevertheless, she did Pigmentation disorder, which causes the disease, Winnie Harlow’s childhood and youth were not exactly easy. Because when the spots spread over her body and the model no longer had them hide her classmates began to call Winnie a “cow” or “zebra.” Because of the constant bullying, Winnie changed schools several times, but things never got better. The ridicule caused by her illness, vitiligo, eventually got so bad that Winnie depressions and even thought about suicide. Eventually her parents decided to take Winnie out of school completely. About this time the model explained: “Of course the sayings hit me. I had two options: get along or get ruined.”

Breakthrough as a model thanks to Tyra Banks

Giving up didn’t seem to be an option for Winnie: she wanted to Model become. Winnie roamed her hometown of Toronto and visited every single modeling agency, only to be found again and again Cancel to obtain. No one seemed to want to recognize the potential of the pretty woman and her beauty with her unique looks. Eventually, Tyra discovered Banks, who American Pendant to GNTM hosted the beautiful Canadian’s talent after she found the aspiring model on Instagram. Tyra Banks didn’t hesitate and invited Winnie – despite her avoidable defects – to take part in the 21st season of her hit show “America’s Next Top Model”. This decision would change Winnie’s life completely turn it upside down. Even though Winnie Harlow “only” came in sixth place, she didn’t let that stop her discourage. She began a career that took her to numerous Catwalks brought to the world.

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Winnie Harlow encourages others affected

Today is Winnie Harlow so successful like never before and her illness has become unique to her Trademark developed – the designers are all about the supermodel. In Germany too, Winnie Harlow can be seen again and again in the casting show GNTM with Heidi Klum and there as Juror to guest. Considering her own experiences, Winnie wants to use her popularity to do something Positives to effect. Your goal is to consciousness to create awareness for the disease vitiligo and to encourage other sufferers. She particularly wants to help young people who, like herself, suffer from this skin disease Example serve.

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