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“What makes Switzerland tick?”: TV review of the new SRF show

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“What makes Switzerland tick?”: TV review of the new SRF show

– Even Jacqueline Badran sometimes feels like calling the police

Published: March 16, 2024, 10:17 p.m. Updated 13 hours ago

Guess what makes the people tick: Jacqueline Badran, Florian Ast and Gülsha Adilji.

Photo: Gian Vaitl (SRF)

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The first question almost sounded like a warning: “Who regularly falls asleep in front of the television?” 46 percent of those in the studio said this was the case for them. “I’m good at it when I watch SRF,” joked influencer Aditotoro. It is not known how many of the viewers had already fallen asleep at home.

On Saturday, “the most honest show in Switzerland” ran for the first time, as SRF announced its new entertainment box. 100 women and men between the ages of 18 and 79 were in the studio as representatives of the people. They voted on important and less important questions in life, from wages to cheating – six prominent guests had to guess what the majority thinks.

46 out of 100 have cheated

The start was rather slow, after 15 minutes only two questions had been answered, but those who stayed awake were rewarded. “Who ever called the police because the neighbors were too loud?” was one of the questions that went straight to the heart of Swiss Bünzlitism. “I don’t assume you’re doing that,” said presenter Claudio Zuccolini. “Yes!”, contradicted entertainer Gülsha Adilji, of all people. She once lived directly below a shared apartment that constantly had parties during the week. SP National Councilor Jacqueline Badran admitted: “I have never called – but I have often felt like doing so.” Namely because of her neighbor, who plays ethno beats at full volume with his window open in the summer. Only 10 percent of the audience have already done it once: The normal people are apparently less generous than the open-minded celebrities – or they simply lie better.

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Moderator Claudio Zuccolini in front of the 100 representatives of the people.

Photo: Gian Vaitl (SRF)

The audience also delivered some surprising results. Of the 71 professionals in the studio, 30 said they were doing the job they had dreamed of as a child – from nursing to train driver to police officer. And almost everyone still raves about their job. 60 percent would openly tell the camera how much they earn. 35 have already searched their partner’s cell phone without asking, 46 have cheated – although the latter was asked anonymously.

Hair care lubricant

Zuccolini is at his best when he’s chatting with the audience. His cheerful Graubünden German led people to reveal a lot of private things to the assembled TV audience: an older lady told how she found her true love, a caretaker that he earned 6,200 francs net, and a young woman that she used lubricant to care for her curls strokes your hair. She always buys several tubes – so a stranger at the checkout promptly wished her “a nice weekend.” Such insights, often combined with private photos, made the show really interesting. On the other hand, the fact that a psychologist was constantly explaining the behavior of the Swiss people seemed rather schoolmasterly and trying.

The majority of the celebrities at the advice desks appeared to be much more reserved. After all, Jacqueline Badran revealed how she met her husband: at the university’s Coca-Cola machine – she spoke to him because she was looking for a drinking partner. And single Gülsha Adilji showed which men in the audience she found “hot” – with one immediately making it clear that he was attracted to the opposite sex.

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Who pees in the shower?

“What makes Switzerland tick” is classic campfire television: everyone can guess and join in the discussion. Questions that Zuccolini describes as “very sensitive” are particularly suitable for this. For example: “Who occasionally urinates while showering?” – “Everyone,” said Gülsha Adilji as if from a pistol, “that’s how you save water.” Rainer Maria Salzgeber agreed, even if only hesitantly: “It is logical that this should be done.” The team Badran and Florian Ast estimated that 96 percent do this, the team Gülsha Adilji and Nadia Goedhart 95, Rainer Maria Salzgeber and influencer Aditotoro guessed 80. In fact there were: 74 (who admitted it).

In the end, Salzgeber and Aditotoro proved to be the best understanders of the people and emerged victorious. The elected representative Jacqueline Badran made it to second place together with Florian Ast.

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