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“What the hell is going on?!”

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“What the hell is going on?!”

9m2 with Fulvio Grimaldi: “What the hell is going on?!”

Long interview made to me by Marzia Di Sessa of Canale 9MQ on these topics of, as they say, burning current events.

Yet another anti-Serb provocation in Kosovo by the puppet regime, manned by confirmed criminals since independence from self-proclaimed Serbia (and not recognized by nearly 100 countries), with the use of Albanian police firing on protesters, assisted by KFOR, the NATO militia which, since 1999, claims to guarantee imperial order in the region.

Sacrosanct reaction of the remaining Serbian minority to the umpteenth harassment of drug traffickers in Pristina which, with the vote of 3% of the population (no Serbs voted) claims to install Albanian puppets acceptable to NATO as administrators of the Serbian enclave

The comparison between what is happening in a world on the brink of a global conflagration, stubbornly pursued by a handful of Euro-Atlantic psychopaths, and the propaganda misdirections on secondary, instrumental issues, pumped up to capacity like those over which young people ” from the so-called “anthropogenic climate change. Let’s try to put things right beyond and against mass distraction operations.

Emotion! The right, proudly defining itself as such, passes to the collection of decades of disasters and embezzlements of a self-styled and totally fake left. The hypocrisy, the ineptitude, the fraudulent nature of these debris of the “left” have provoked so much nausea that in Italy and Spain in administrative matters, in Greece in politics, in Turkey with an Erdogan (moreover confirmed in a light that smacks of sunset) right up to and beyond the limit of totalitarianism, the alternative option to crypto-fascism has almost totally evaporated. To the chasing copy, people preferred the original. Another choice that will bring them badly.

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There are episodes of “civil” violence. Boys who stab teachers, carabinieri and policemen who beat up helpless and harmless people, police who beat up citizens who intended to honor the martyrdom of Judge Falcone. But what did we want, after decades of brutal Anglo-Saxon subculture, aimed at corrupting the psychomoral balance of the younger generations through entertainment productions (video games, films) and behavioral examples based on unlimited and unpunished private, public and military violence?

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