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What to expect at ABCasa Fair 2023 – MONDO MODA

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What to expect at ABCasa Fair 2023 – MONDO MODA

A ABCasa Fair, the largest home and decoration fair in Latin America, will be held from February 7th to 11th, at São Paulo Expo, in São Paulo. At the event, trends in colors, textures and elements such as fibers, glass, cement, metals and untreated wood will be highlighted with the essence of Viva Magenta (18-1750).

Living Magenta @ disclosure

According to the Pantone Color Expert in Brazil, Blanca Lliahnne, the inspiration for choosing the 2023 color comes from a bright natural dye, carmine red, produced by cochineals, an insect native to Mexico.

“Color brings us courage and determination to times different from the reality of before. By getting in touch with this tonality, we are entering another dimension, which parallels the metaverse, as a source of creation, a space for creativity, which is cool to take into account in disruptive times”, he points out.

Its impactful tone can be applied to different elements, bringing liveliness to neutral and dull environments, without the need for major structural changes. That’s what Anderson Passos, ABCasa Fair’s executive director says, who adds that, in environments or decorative details, magenta can also be used to convey vigor, warmth and intensity.

Design thought to be rethought

Mitigating human impact on the environment is an important agenda and must remain at the center of attention in modern behavior. Thus, for the sake of the next generations, circular design alternatives should gain prominence – the one thought to be rethought.
Among the ecological materials, it is worth mentioning: cork, aluminum, rattan and wicker.
For Tiago Adriel, architect and speaker on the Talks panel “Visual Merchandising – Decoration and the Luxury Market”, the sustainable factor is no longer a trend and has become permanent. Thus, the use of materials that do not harm the environment, such as natural dyed fabrics and pieces made from recyclable items, are the way to make the creative process more sustainable and ecologically correct.

“Vibrant colors like Viva Magenta – Pantone 2023 allow balance with natural materials, using the color as a highlight or complement in environments. This drives celebration, joy and optimism”, completes the architect.

Unlike its polished counterparts, cork is an affordable material. Its natural brown color conveys an earthy feel – instantly making people feel more relaxed – while its rough appearance adds texture, warmth and coziness.

Cork wall @ disclosure

Aluminum, which can be infinitely recycled, brings a sleek, shiny and contemporary finish. According to Adriel, the key to ensuring the space doesn’t feel sterile is mixing aluminum with warmer tones, like those found in wood and magenta.

The proposal of the year also follows a monochromatic line, with the appearance of a deep and melancholic room, all done in the same color, from the walls to the furniture and fabrics.

“Another key point for 2023 is multifunctional and modular furniture, allowing for greater dynamism in environments and facilitating the change of layouts”, says Ariel. “With trends shifting from open plan to broken plan and vice versa, we need the flexibility to change our spaces whenever we want,” he adds. “I believe that the bet will be, for example, modular furniture, like a sofa. Similar to the building blocks, in full size, it is enough to separate the units to reconfigure a large sofa into two smaller ones, and thus completely reinvent the room”.

Modular sofa @ disclosure

When it comes to choosing colors for accessories and details, architect Tiago Adriel recommends the primaries. “From the point of view of color psychology, the three primary colors, red, blue and yellow, represent the body, mind and our emotions respectively. Being of high saturation, they add a playful charm to a space, bringing with it an unmistakable energy. Anything painted in a primary color creates a focal point of conversation in a room.”

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