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what will the FIGC and Gravina do

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what will the FIGC and Gravina do

The best answer to racists Vlahovic he gave it on the field, scoring. Shortly before, faced with that “gypsy” repeated several times, the Serbian forward had called the attention of the referee Doveri. «Can’t you hear it?» Dusan asked rhetorically, also because he felt loud and clear even from a distance: so the referee stopped the game for a minute, while the speaker of the Bergamo stadium announced the risk of suspension. The match resumed, hand in hand with the insulting chants at Vlahovic, which Koopmeiners and De Roon tried to stop by addressing the curve directly: then Dusan, at the time of the 2-0 goal, exploded all his angerputting his finger in front of his nose as a sign of silence for a second, just enough for Doveri to go and admonish him.

Vlahovic case, the FIGC inspectors have noted everything

After the Lukaku casethe episode will have further aftermath: the inspectors of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office have taken note of everything and in the meantime the FIGC took care to contact the Juventus club to express their solidarity in this affair. Vlahovic, who by the way had already cheered like this in the past (as the Serbian national team recalled via Twitter) blatantly reiterated his joy for the goal, so much so that he was called back again by Doveri who ordered him to stop, to avoid other measures. The competent bodies will decide what to do in the next few days, but – net of rear thoughts and parochialism – admonishing the injured person and leaving those who insult him with discriminatory chants unpunished for the moment, waiting for the sports judge, leaves at least perplexed.

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