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When love is no longer reliable, he repeatedly gives different answers to “sweet relationship”

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Author: Yan Ran

It has been 14 years since the last time I wrote the movie (theatrical version of “Journey to the West”). Unexpectedly, the famous Japanese script writer Yuji Sakamoto returned to the screen with his new work “A Bouquet of Love”, which extended his brushstrokes to the emotional world of 20-year-olds.

Thirty years ago, the TV series “Tokyo Love Story” turned out to be a work entirely for young people. At that time, Sakamoto was 24 years old, and the two main actors-Honami Suzuki 25 years old and Yuji Oda 24 years old. It was young people who joined forces to create this immortal youth story, and Japan is also showing the last vigor of the bubble economy. It seems that Ban Yuan will be young forever with this masterpiece.

However, it has been a long time since he has set his sights on young people. After “Reminiscence” in 2016, Sakamoto worked diligently to run his unique adult world, where some 30-year-old and 40-year-old urban men and women who were forced to face failure with hidden scars came and went (“Quartet”, “Daily Field” With three ex-husbands).

Therefore, this time, “Love in a Bouquet” is particularly curious. At the beginning of the story, the hero and heroine have not yet graduated from university. With such a standard youth setting, what kind of new ideas can Sakamoto write about?

Fifty percent pure love

“The two people’s chests trembled suddenly, and they understood: she is my 100% girl, and he is my 100% boy.” Haruki Murakami once described such a pair of 100% in the novel “Meet a 100% Girl” Hundreds of lovers. A similar miracle of love is also spread in “Love in a Bouquet”. The girl saw the boy’s bookshelf and said, “This is a copy of my bookshelf.” They have the same interest, like the same poets and musicians, they will use movie tickets as bookmarks, wear white sneakers of the same brand, and even have reflections. They all just missed the same guinea pig exhibition. The two of them also had the same confusion about life: In the game of rock-paper-scissors, why can a fragile cloth beat a solid rock?

This is what a 100% pure love movie looks like. People may have forgotten that the name of the sensational pure love blockbuster “Calling Love in the Center of the World” was exactly Sakamoto in the script. Pure love movies always postpone the true arrival of love, and the most moving thing is always the ambiguity between lovers. At this time, a huge external disaster must be staged. Only cancer or an air disaster can freeze the unstable love and erase the cruel truth of life.

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Sakamoto certainly cannot rewrite “Calling Love in the Center of the World” once. After a 100% girl meets a 100% boy, the burden of life comes one after another. This is no longer a vacuum of pure love garden. The protagonist has to suffer the slow execution of life: unable to find a satisfactory job, unable to support himself with interest, and bought out by the company in his spare time… Gradually, the trajectories of the two planets are not moving. Consistent again. The girl is still the girl, comics, novels, and games are still important chapters of life; the boy has become a prisoner of work. They can only watch “Guling Street Juvenile Murders” release. If the boy saw this movie, he would definitely agree with the heroine’s life point of view: the world will not change, people can only follow life. Down the river.

The shadow of death appeared in the movie early in the morning, but it didn’t look like a cancer cell. In the pure love scene full of soft light, the girl and the boy strolled on the beach, but the girl’s narration that sounded at this time showed ominous signs. She told the news of the suicide of the love blogger she was following, and remembered the blogger’s emotional reminder: Love is like a party, and it will end one day.

100% love will eventually die. Which pure love movie will end with the protagonist’s peaceful breakup? Ban Yuan just wants to screw it up, just like he continued the line of the original “Tokyo Love Story”, and laid out the astonishing ending of the male protagonist and the second female’s marriage.

However, the limited rebellion against pure love does not seem to make “Love in a Bouquet” appear to be outstanding. This is a film where the screenwriter crushes the director. TV drama director Doi Yutai lacks fresh audio-visual expressions. The scenes are so pure and gorgeous, but they are so commonplace in comparison with the popular grammar of pure love movies. Only Sakamoto makes all the difference.

To sum it up, this love story, which has lasted five years from campus to society, may be brushed off in front of producers in any country. At this time, Sakamoto’s magic began to work. According to him, he likes to describe daily life in strange and extraordinary. Sakamoto is capable of rendering extraordinary things romantic. The story begins with a miracle and ends with a miracle. At the beginning of the movie, the boy happily found himself in the Google Real Map. Five years later, the love ceased, and the bakery where the two lingered was closed. At this time, the boy once again encountered a miracle from the real map: he and the girl were walking in front of the bakery. The thing that has disappeared seems to have not yet died…

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How did Sakamoto write about the girl’s worldview? When the orange toast fell on the ground, the girl said that this was the most realistic time in the world, because the toast would always fall to the ground after butter. How does he write about the dizziness of love? After a one-night encounter with the boy, the girl returned home early in the morning and closed the bedroom door without talking to her family at all. After pulling up the curtains, she fell to the bed and soaked herself in the dark and dark room to continue the sweet aftertaste of last night. She thought to herself, if there was a song that suits her at this time, it would be great.

The chic details give the seemingly ordinary story a different burr. Yes, Sakamoto is a master of details.

A new profile of intimacy

Japan’s Fuji TV station’s broadcast schedule at 9 pm on Monday night is called “Month Nine”. In the golden ten years of Japanese TV dramas, Yue Jiu is the golden sign of ratings. The famous “Tokyo Love Story”, “101 Proposals” and “Long Holidays” are all born in Yue Jiu. Yue Jiu continued to output urban love myths for the audience, but the heroes behind the scenes fled one after another. After “Tokyo Love Story”, Sakamoto wrote another month nine: “The Last Christmas”, but he no longer wanted to write about floating romance.

He said: “I wrote an idol drama debut. There will be no major events in those stories, but I saw a photo of a man and woman kissing before. Behind them, a car was burning. I suddenly realized that even if it was just A love story cannot be established only by a man and a woman. Various things that happen in society have an effect on them. On the other hand, things between men and women also have an effect on society.” “Our Textbook” which reflects campus bullying, and “Live Still” which focuses on the perpetrator’s family. Coincidentally, Nojima Shinji, who was born in Yuejiu with Sakamoto, transformed the social school earlier and wrote a series of dark classics such as “Human Disqualification” and “Underage”.

The so-called facing society is to present a more complicated appearance of things. In “A Bouquet of Love”, Ban Yuan will go to dig out the more subtle folds in emotion. Just like the line said, listening to music with headphones, the voice on the left is different from the voice on the right. The screenwriter constantly makes the inner monologues of the hero and heroine collide with each other, removing the calm ripples on the surface of life. When the boy mentioned marriage, the girl wondered “what does he think about marrying a lover who hasn’t had sex for three months”, and the boy is strange “I don’t quite understand what she wants to feel when she is a student At that time, did she never think about spending a lifetime with me”.

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When the boy finally kept the girl, Ban Yuan even directly broke the myth that “love is the basis of marriage”. He did not let the boy say “I will correct” or “I will always love you”, but bluntly, “Aren’t all couples in this world slowly forgetting the feeling of being in love?”

In Ban Yuan’s eyes, love will diminish, and emotional rupture stems from each other’s misplaced expectations. In “Love in a Bouquet”, the girl seems to be still in the student period, while the boy is trying to integrate into the state of the working class. The progress of the comic “Golden Power” will always stay in the fourth volume. This kind of behavior basically repeats the marriage tragedy in “Quartet”. The husband hopes that the other party will always be a lover, while the wife hopes that the other party will become a real family member.

From the “Bouquet of Love”, Ban Yuan appreciates the goodness of gathering and the loose style of beginning, inheriting and turning. For him, the perfect model of love is a tenon-and-mortise relationship between two people, and it is as short as the flowering period. In Sakamoto’s love dictionary, it seems that there is no room for mutual compromise or concession.

If love is unreliable, what kind of form can the intimacy between people exist? In the past few years, Sakamoto tried to give different answers. In “The Perfect Divorce”, divorced couples may still live together day and night; in “Quartet”, although the protagonists have a food chain-like unrequited love relationship, they can still live in the same house with the opportunity of forming a band. It seems that the indescribable emotions between love and friendship are connected to each other; in “The Soybean Field”, the heroine can drink with three ex-husbands, and although her girlfriend meets the beloved, because she feels that love is troublesome, she decided Love is excluded from the list of life. If it goes beyond the category of love, “Mother” will tell you that the non-blood relationship between the abductor and the girl also has an extremely moving luster. (Drowning)

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