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“Where do you think you live?”, clash with Giubilei – Il Tempo

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“Where do you think you live?”, clash with Giubilei – Il Tempo

Pasquale Tridico, former president of the INPS, returns to defend himself against the move of the proposal of a parliamentary commission of inquiry into the management of the citizen’s income. “What is happening to me should worry all the liberals of this country, all the people who care about democracy, institutional processes. It seems to me an act of institutional bullying against a free citizen”, he says speaking on In Onda on La7 , relaunching Giuseppe Conte’s sentences on the work of the government. “I have no potentates, I have no party membership. It is truly something shocking. Instead of raging against tax evasion in our country, a commission is set up to the person against Tridico,” he added.

In the studio is Francesco Giubilei, president of Nazione Futura, who replies: “If you don’t have skeletons in your closet, you don’t have to worry in the least about this investigation, which is a prerogative of Parliament”. But what is the news of the crime, ask the conductors Marianna Aprile and Luca Telese. “Italian citizens need to know how around 30 billion of public funds have been used”. Giubilei then begins to list the various scams discovered by the Finance Police, up to the most sensational, that of Romanian citizens residing in Romania who received the check in Turin. Tridico doesn’t agree with this barrage: “She’s hallucinating! The municipalities control the residence. But what does she think of saying, the INPS is not responsible for it”, he snaps. “But where do you think you live, and are you liberal?” Continues the former head of the pension fund. “Justifying those who took the money without having the right to it creates a problem for the weakest groups”, replies Giubilei who recalls: “The commission of inquiry is not on Tridico, a professor and private citizen, but on the former INPS director. Don’t play the victim.”

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