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Who will present Sanremo 2025? The totonomi for after Amadeus and all the possible innovations of the Festival – breaking latest news

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Who will present Sanremo 2025?  The totonomi for after Amadeus and all the possible innovations of the Festival – breaking latest news

by Renato Franco

Fewer songs, closing at half past midnight: the hypotheses to avoid confrontation. Rai will try to convince Amadeus, then evaluate other hypotheses: from Carlo Conti to Antonella Clerici, from Bonolis to Laura Pausini, here are the first names

SANREMO — Who after him? Amadeus, the Kim Jong-un of the Sanremo Festival, host and artistic dictator: his numbers are sensational, he alone is worth a coalition (Fiorello’s joke) and this edition is clear proof of this – yet another.

The CEO of Rai Roberto Sergio does not want to hear about a Festival without him: To anyone who asked me what Sanremo 2025 will be like, I would reply that now is the time to let everything settle. We will see each other with Amadeus and Fiorello in a fortnight for a debrief on the one that has just concluded triumphantly. The host thanks but rejects the invitation: Someone will remember that I said back in May that this would be the last Festival, but no one believed me. I really feel like I have to stop. This doesn’t mean that I’m going to be a hermit, but that I need to find other ideas, try other challenges, look for other bets.

Amadeus closed his tale by leaving in a carriage with Fiorello: When I got off the stage the first thought was of joy. We had fun with Fiorello, we felt the adrenaline flowing, like when a match ends and you raise the cup: it remains a photograph that you will never forget.

The numbers were incredible both for audiences and for the advertising market. The final evening of the Festival was seen by 14,301,000 spectators (with a 74.1% share): over two million more than last year. This edition was also the richest for Rai Pubblicit’s coffers with revenues reaching 60.2 million euros. So the bar for anyone who knocks on Ariston’s door after Amadeus is already set quite high.

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First Amadeus, then the other hypotheses (internal and external)

At the moment it is difficult to make a prediction of what will happen, Rai will certainly continue to insist on Amadeus,

I will try to change his mind, while other hypotheses are still very immature at the moment because there are so many variables. First of all those relating to the governance of state television. The European elections could upset the political scenarios and therefore also those of Rai.

Who will be the strong man? The CEO Roberto Sergio? General manager Giampaolo Rossi? A third figure not yet on the horizon?

As for the future host, the internal solutions can be counted on the fingers of one severed hand: Carlo Conti, Antonella Clerici and Milly Carlucci. They are the only ones who have the standing to hold up. (Clerici was called on Monday morning by Fiorello: Still hosting Sanremo? Why not?).

Marco Liorni is also growing, the exceptional results in the early evening quiz (L’Eredit has 5 million viewers) can open doors that were once closed: after all, Carlo Conti and Amadeus also started from there. For this reason that of Alessandro Cattelan – which Fiorello has always hypothesized alongside Clerici in an unpublished Sanremo ticket – does not seem to be a card in play, the less than sensational result of his debut with a variety show on Rai1 (three years ago, Da grande) has made it clear that the road to becoming truly national-popular is not easy.

The other outside track is looking at Mediaset: Bonolis has already done Sanremo twice and is a decidedly marketable name. The third option is to shuffle the cards and give the keys to a singer like when the Festival was entrusted to Baglioni. The right face? Laura Pausini, perhaps accompanied by Paola Cortellesi.

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A format revolution coming?

The very high bar is scary. But the real revolutionary idea could be to get around the obstacle. Shorten the Festival drastically, canceling the comparison with previous editions. Therefore moving from the longest Festival in its history to the shortest one. Changing paradigms and focusing no longer on share, but on average audience. No longer on the percentage of those who watch TV, but the absolute number of viewers as a point of reference. Fewer songs, closing at half past midnight. Sanremo, Zero edition.


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