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Why did Peng Dehuai slap Jin Richeng in the face: This is considered polite! (Photos)–Korean War-Resist U.S. Aid Korea-Red Dynasty

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Peng Dehuai and Kim Il Sung. (Web picture)

existKorean War(The Chinese Communist Party calls it “Resisting U.S. Aid Korea”) In the fifth battle, when the war situation reversed,Kim Il SungIn order to preserve its strength, the North Korean army was ordered to retreat regardless of the overall situation, resulting in manyChinese Communist ArmyBehind enemy lines. Among them, the 180th Division of the 60th Army, which was weaker in combat effectiveness, captured 7,000 to 8,000 people, causing the CCP’s most disastrous loss in the Korean War. According to reports,Peng DehuaiAngrily, Kim Il Sung slapped two big slaps.

In April 1951, the CCP had 14 corps in the DPRK at that time. Except for the 38th and 42nd corps, which had been reduced in number, rested in the rear, and the 47th Army rushed to repair the airport. A total of eleven armies and three North Korean armies are assembled on the front line, planning to destroy a total of 14 divisions and three brigades of the United Nations in one battle.

Peng Dehuai’s campaign attempt was to make a major assault on the western front, dividing and annihilating three US divisions west of the North Han River, two South Korean divisions, and three British and Turkish brigades. The Chinese and North Korean coalition forces grasped the suddenness of the battle. They used the 63rd and 65th armies to capture the 29th brigade of the British army, and the 64th armies interspersed to break the enemy’s retreat. The 24th and 25th US divisions Will be surrounded by three corps.

The North Korean First Army should take advantage of the emptiness and enter Seoul through Kaesong, Wenshan, and Goyang. The dozens of kilometers of light-car familiar roads were originally a proletarian internationalism that Peng Dehuai took care of Kim Il-sung.

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According to war history records, at the end of April, because the 63rd and 64th Army failed to complete the interspersed tasks, the enemy quickly retreated, and the Chinese Communists lost their fighter jets. The blocked 64th Army was on the south bank of the Linjin River, and the 65th Army, which was rapidly reinforced, had no way out. The 20-square-kilometer Jedi became an excellent target for enemy aircraft and long-range artillery. There were more than 60,000 people in the 5 divisions of the Chinese Communist Party. Was bombarded continuously for 3 days and 3 nights, with numerous casualties.

Volunteers sent by the CCP to North Korea suffered heavy casualties
The volunteer army sent by the CCP to North Korea suffered heavy casualties. (Image source: National Archives of the United States)

According to declassified information in recent years, it turned out that the North Korean First Army could not withstand the enemy’s counterattack, and escaped in order to preserve its strength without notifying the CCP army. No wonder Peng Dehuai criticized Kim Il Sung for disregarding the overall situation. It was even reported by foreign telegraphs that Peng slapped Kim Il Sung on the casualties of tens of thousands of soldiers.

When the Cultural Revolution criticized President Peng, the “warlord style of engaging in great power chauvinism against the leader of the Korean people” was a major crime. In fact, the North Korean army fled in fear of the enemy and was cut according to law. The commander of the Chinese and North Korean coalition forces Peng Dehuai slapped Jin Richeng twice as polite.

It is reported that the fifth battle of the Korean War started on April 22, 1951 and ended on April 29, which lasted for 7 days.

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The truth of history

On October 25, 1950, Mao Zedong launched the “War to Resist U.S. Aid Korea”, killing millions of Chinese youths in foreign countries, and allowing the entire Chinese people to cut back on food and clothing to support the frontline of North Korea. In exchange, China owed a huge debt to the Soviet Communist Party and Stalin and a concession to China. The North Korean dictatorship is not grateful, and has turned a group of people who were once promoted by the CCP as the “loveliest people” into a forgotten vulnerable group. Life is difficult in old age, and there are more than petitions for treatment and honor.

For more than 60 years, the CCP’s propaganda and history textbooks have been deceiving the Chinese people by saying that “the United States has flagrantly sent troops to invade North Korea. The United Nations troops headed by the United States have crossed the ’38 Line’ and burned the flames of war to the Yalu River.” Passively intervened and had to send troops to “resist US aggression and aid Korea” and “defend the country”.

The South Korean government and major media have condemned and refuted the CCP’s distortion of historical truth. South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade refuted on the 26th: “The Korean War triggered by the invasion of North Korea and South Korea is an internationally recognized historical fact and an undeniable fact”, and emphasized that “At that time, the United Nations also stated that North Korea’s provocative actions were against humanity. A major challenge to peace”.

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The South Korean “Chosun Ilbo” published an expert analysis saying that the reason why the CCP referred to the Korean War as a civil war was to shift the responsibility of the war to the United States and describe North Korea and the CCP as victims.

Since the 1990s, the declassified files of the United States and the Soviet Union have exposed the truth about the outbreak of the Korean War: The ambitious North Korean leader Kim Il Sung, with the support of the Soviet Communist Party and the Chinese Communist Party, first provoked the Korean War (Korean War).

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