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Why is the song ‘How dare you’ by Morat trending today, February 29?

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Why is the song ‘How dare you’ by Morat trending today, February 29?

The band will perform for the first time at Foro Sol. (Ocesa)

This February 29 on TikTok, several users started a trend that quickly had a wide reach in which they shared the song How do you dare by Morat. If you don’t know the reason behind this, here we explain it to you.

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It should be noted that this is a band that has won the hearts of new generations due to the lyrics and rhythms of their songs that usually talk about love relationships. In addition, they will soon give a series of concerts in Mexico that are highly anticipated.

Some of the clips circulating on this platform show images of young people in love in the background or of people alone in their daily lives. What unites this type of content is that they have Morat’s song in the background and they also place the subtitles in the clip.

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The reason it has become a trend is because the song talks about a relationship that ended and the artists make a reference to a leap year. These are the verses in question:

Morat arrives in Peru on a world tour this October 14 for a show at the National Stadium.

Four years without looking at you

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Three postcards and a bolero

Two months and you forgot me

And you didn’t even think about me

On February 29

In an old interview for Los 40, the band said that How Dare You was one of the singles that catapulted them to fame.

Morat and his song “How dare you” have inspired thousands to give flowers on TikTok during leap year (Morat)

“It marked our career, it was a gigantic leap,” mentioned one of the members.

Likewise, they stressed that from the beginning the public received it very well and pointed out that this could be due to how ‘sticky’ the melody could be.

““For us it was crazy. When ‘How Dare You’ came out, we were already living in Spain and that song changed our lives completely, what happened to it was completely unpredictable for us,” they also detailed in an interview for Cadena 100.

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