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Why it is important to provide for the removal and disposal of friable asbestos

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Why it is important to provide for the removal and disposal of friable asbestos

And material widely widespread and widely usedespecially in the building sector, which is now prohibited since 1992, is theasbestos. This material is a set of natural minerals belonging to the inosilicate and phyllosilicate groups, in fact it has a fibrous appearance.

The minerals referred to, in order to become asbestos, undergo particular hydrothermal processes. It is therefore possible to distinguish two types of mineral fiber which are called compact asbestos e friable asbestos.

An important conclusion can already be drawn from the denomination regarding the danger: asbestos crumbly it is clearly more dangerous than the compact one. The higher index of danger is to be attributed to the possibility of being able to be reduced to powder with simple manual action.

After the growing number of deaths due to this material, as previously mentioned, the Law 257/92 no place the import, extraction and marketing for safeguard health and human life.

Due to its toxicity, further decrees have been issued by the Ministry of Health which have imposed the obligation to removal and disposal of friable asbestos and the compact one. The techniques not procedure inherent in these operations are less complicated for the latter; different, however, are those for friable asbestos. Let’s delve into the subject.

How friable asbestos is removed

Before continuing, let’s specify and underline the importance of rely on professionals in the sector to obtain an impeccable final work in order to safeguard, firstyour own health.

As mentioned above, the removal interventions result more complicated why friable asbestos occurs with free fibers o loosely linked and this involves meticulous and accurate work.

The confinement

Il primo step that the experts will carry out concerns the securing the area, isolating the building to prevent the aforementioned fibers from dispersing into the surrounding environment. One will be made lockdown to this in order to ensure the impossibility of the air inside the building to come into contact with the outside air and contaminate it.

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Installation of aspirators and extractors

Once the isolation is complete, we will proceed with theinstallation of exhaust fans which have the task of treating the air inside the environment to bring together the external air. Later, they will be mounted also the extractors which have the task of expelling the air inside the confinement only after having purified it.


Once the confinement of the area to be reclaimed has been set up, we will proceed with the actual extraction. The professionals will proceed with theencapsulation material estimate; later, the asbestos will be mined placed in special bags well sealed to prevent the material from dispersing in the air and, finally, they will take care of sending everything to a dump authorized for disposal.

These are the steps for the removal and disposal of friable asbestos.

In conclusion, it should be noted that before proceeding with the actual reclamation, it will be necessary respect some points foreseen by the maintenance program which foresees:

  • complaint to the ASL territorial jurisdiction regarding the presence of the material in question inside the building;
  • an employee will edit the degradation indexuseful for understanding the techniques to be used to obtain a safe and effective intervention.

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