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Wild boars seen in Zagreb | Info

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Wild boars seen in Zagreb |  Info

Wild boars have been seen in Zagreb, and apart from Maksimir and Dotrščina, where they have been seen in recent years, they could now be seen in other parts of the city as well.

Izvor: Screenshot

The wild pigs walked beyond the Nature Park “Medvednica” (Zagreba gora whose forests descend to the center of Zagreb), all the way to the children’s playground in Vlade Gotovac Street in Španski naselje and to the hospital in Jankomir.

According to the data that the “Indeks” portal received from the Ministry of Agriculture, there are slightly more wild pigs than the quotas of the Game Protection Program allow.

Experts state that some of the reasons for the increase in the number of wild pigs are the search for food, changes in habitat, climate change, crossbreeding with domestic pigs makes them more fertile, and increased reproduction also occurs in response to hunting to preserve their species.


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