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Wildcat spotted in Deutschlandsberg on the Soboth – 5 minutes

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Wildcat spotted in Deutschlandsberg on the Soboth – 5 minutes

Published on March 7, 2024, 4:44 p.m. / © Styrian State Hunting Association

On a quiet night, Johann Silberschneider’s wildlife camera captured images of an unexpected visitor. Experts mostly agree: it is most likely a wild cat.

by Julia Waldhauser

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Johann Silberschneider, district hunter in the Deutschlandsberg hunting district, was amazed when his wildlife camera captured a fascinating image at 11:31 p.m. on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, March 7, 2024. The experts agree: the recording most likely indicates the presence of a wild cat.

© Styrian State Hunting Association

© Styrian State Hunting Association

Return of the wildcat to Styria

The European wildcat was widespread 150 years ago, but today it is still considered an endangered species in Austria. The most recent sighting on the Soboth, which was reported as part of the monitoring of special game species, is therefore of particular importance.

Wildcat comeback: signs of a homecoming in Austria’s forests

Experts suspect that the increasing numbers of this wild species indicate that it is becoming native again in some regions. The wildcat prefers the forest as a habitat and is particularly active at dusk and at night. She is a specialized hunter of small mammals such as mice and also sets her sights on young grouse.

Road traffic threatens wild cats

Wild cat experts point out that road traffic is one of the main mortality factors for these animals. Hunters play a crucial role in monitoring various game species. Thanks to their specialist and local knowledge, they enable comprehensive, voluntary and free monitoring from which everyone interested in nature benefits.

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Hunters as nature guardians

District hunter master Johann Silberschneider emphasizes the importance of hunters in nature monitoring and at the same time urges caution when dealing with wild animals. He points out that photographing wild animals or even tracking them with drones is becoming increasingly popular and emphasizes the role of hunters in reliably passing on information about observations in nature.

© Styrian State Hunting Association

District hunter master Johann Silberschneider

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