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WINDTRE, convention for disabled customer care workers

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WINDTRE, convention for disabled customer care workers

Announcement in recent weeks

WINDTRE has entered into an agreement with the Lazio region and with the Ray of Light Cooperative to maintain and guarantee, without interruption, the job placement of 53 people with disabilities.

The agreement, effective January 1, 2024will have the duration of three years and will ensure workers the same economic and organizational conditions as the previous agreement, in the process of conclusion, with the Synthesis Cooperative.

In fact, employees with disabilities will continue to carry out Customer Care activities for WINDTRE through Raggio di Luce.

The Raggio di Luce Cooperative has many years of experience in the management of job placements for people with disabilities and boasts numerous agreements with important companies.

WINDTRE thanks the Lazio Region for its precious collaboration and hopes to be able to enter into agreements under the same conditions with the Campania Region, with which a pre-agreement has already been signed prior to the final signature, and the Sicilian Region, where the company has already formally committed to guaranteeing with Raggio di Luce employment continuity and unchanged working conditions for people with disabilities for the performance of the activities carried out up to now.

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