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winners of the 7th Regional App Challenge | MobIT

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winners of the 7th Regional App Challenge |  MobIT

The applications of the teams from Milić, Sremska Mitrovica and Podgorica were declared the best at this year’s Regional Competition

Source: m:tel

At the traditional, seventh in a row, “Regional app challenge” organized by the companies Telekom Srbija, m:tel BiH and im:tel Montenegro, members of the Telekom Srbija Group, their ideas in the form of applications that make life easier and have the potential to make positive changes in society, were presented by members of 15 teams of high school students from the region.

After the national competitions, in which five teams from each country won participation in the final competition in Belgrade, the applications of the ARTour team “iTek” from the Secondary School Center “Milutin Milanković” from Milić, the Bquiet team “Sylent” from the Mitrovac Gymnasium were declared the most successful. Sremska Mitrovica, and Vision Assist, the application of the “Vision EXPERTS” team from the “Vaso Aligrudić” High School of Electrical Engineering from Podgorica, who were also awarded the special award for innovation “Strength of innovation – Igor Osmokrović” for the same application. The winning teams get the opportunity to visit a conference in Barcelona dedicated to creativity, visual and digital arts, while the winners of the special prize are presented with prestigious mobile phones.

Source: m:tel

Vladimir Lučić, CEO of Telekom Srbija, presented the award to the winning team from BiH, on behalf of the host company of this year’s competition, and said on that occasion: “For all these years that our program has lasted, through the projects within it, generations of young programmers have grown up are ready to cope with all the challenges of today. Thus, the participants of this year’s Regional app challenge, current high school students, already have great potential and readiness to successfully overcome all future challenges”.
Talented students had the opportunity to, during work on applications, with the support of their professors, but also employees of Telekom Srbija, m:tel Montenegro and im:tel Bosnia and Herzegovina, apply the knowledge acquired at school, improve their work skills in team and to complete the creative process by presenting the applications as a finished product.

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Source: m:tel

On behalf of the m:tel BiH company, Jelena Trivan, general director of the m:tel company, presented the award to the team from Montenegro, stressing that this competition is another proof that all three countries from which the contestants come have high hopes for young people and encourage them to they stay in them and develop. “All our companies have student scholarship programs, so assuming that you will continue your education at one of the technical faculties, know that our scholarships and our support are waiting for you there, and after that, employment in our companies.” All this is proof that this region and Telekom Srbija as a group are oriented in such a way as to support long-term and studious young people from the beginning of their entrepreneurial initiatives, until the end of their working and life span. We stand by you and congratulate you on all your successes”, said Jelena Trivan and pointed out that she is very satisfied with the fact that the prize is a trip again, so that the winners will have the opportunity to socialize with their colleagues from all over the world, and thus see that we are not behind than to progress in how much we invest in young people.

Dušan Radusinović, director of the Strategy and Risks Department of m:tel Montenegro, congratulated the winners and expressed his satisfaction that this project traditionally brings together the most talented young people from the region. “The world is changed by people with a vision – it is you who change the world and you will have the absolute support of the Telekom Srbija Group. We are proud of you because you have chosen the IT profession, which has stepped into the future before everyone else, and we are here to help you develop and become successful professionals. The doors of the IT world open new business opportunities much faster than in any other field, and we will open them together,” said Radusinović.
After three years of being held online, the Regional app challenge brought together students from the region in Belgrade who, in addition to participating in the competition, had the opportunity to learn about the works and way of thinking of their peers from the region, to socialize and visit the Nikola Tesla Museum. Additional motivation for the students was the presentation of Davor Sakač, director of the TS Ventures Fund, who pointed out the trends in the startup environment and provided the students with additional information on how to cope with all challenges in the future and make their products competitive in a dynamic market environment.

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