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– Winning means very little

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– Winning means very little

Cato Zahl Pedersen against Dora Thorhallsdottir. Photo: Anton Soggiu / TV 2

Next week the stage is set for finals week. For Dora Thorhallsdottir (50), however, the journey stopped here.

Sunday 11 February at 22:04

– When I lost, I thought that now Am I going home to get married, says Thorhallsdottir to VG.

On Wednesday, she won the “Torpet” final, thus securing a place on the farm. However, the stay was not too long.

Thorhallsdottir justifies the choice of runner-up, which fell on Cato Zahl Pedersen (65), as purely tactical.

– It is of course a huge aftertaste when he has fewer branches to choose from, because he has no arms. It wasn’t something I took with a smile, she explains.

Cato Zahl Pedersen chose to compete in vagle. Photo: Anton Soggiu / TV 2

The 50-year-old did not want a physical duel, and hoped Zahl Pedersen would choose knowledge.

– When he said he chose balance, I thought that now I will be competing against someone who has won 13 Olympic medals in alpine skiing – of course he has good balance!

When Emilie Voe Nereng (28) chose Zahl Pedersen as first champion earlier in the season, she got a lot of flak in social media.

– There have been many negative reactions, the inbox is full, she told VG.

Thorhallsdottir herself is prepared for reactions, but emphasizes that it is a competition.

– In these times, where people are easily offended, I think that this will certainly be a very unpopular choice. I may get a lot of hate, but the election increased my chances, she explains.

From farming to weddings

Thorhallsdottir left the “Farmen” farm just ten days before she and Jan Tore Borgersen tied the knot in idyllic surroundings at Engø farm on Tjøme.

– What do you think about the charging for the wedding?

– It was a little different than I had thought. I thought I was going to be at “Torpet” for a few weeks. I offered myself several times to be the one who was going out in competition, so I thought that one day I would get out, she says.

Unni Askeland was the week’s big farmer, and got the last weekly assignment of the season in the harbor. Photo: Anton Soggiu / TV 2

Thorhallsdottir has been on the farm since the start together with Vebjørn Selbekk (54), while Egil Skurdal (28) arrived shortly after. But to win? She never had an ambition for that.

– Winning means very little to me. I went home with a smile and treated the others to being in finals week.

– Got a full package

The 51-year-old explains that there is a big difference between “Farmen” and “Torpet”, and points in particular to the number on the farm.

– I got the full package. At “Torpet” I got to experience 1924 without the drudgery that they had at “Farmen”. Egil, Vebjørn and I had a really good time, and we became an incredibly close-knit group, she says and continues:

– While at the main farm, I got to experience what it was like to work together towards a common goal, which was very nice. I feel I got the best of both worlds.

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Dora Thorhallsdottir says it was completely out of the question to choose her sister Bjørg Thorhallsdottir as runner-up. Photo: Anton Soggiu / TV 2

– What was the most challenging?

– It was probably the monotony at “Torpet”. The days don’t go by so quickly after you’ve been there for three weeks. There was little variation, and you gradually missed some input.

Unni Askeland, Bjørg Thorhallsdottir, Emilie Voe Nereng, Sondre Mulongo Nystrøm, Sander “Randulle” Dale, Bahare Viken and Zahl Pedersen will compete in the final week.

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