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Wisconsin: cars on Christmas parade, fear, at least 5 dead and 40 injured

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Nearly 30 people were injured by an SUV that hit the traditional parade that opens the Christmas holidays at high speed in Waukesha, a town of over 60,000 inhabitants about 30 km west of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There are allegedly at least 5 victims, while at least 40 have been treated, of which 23 in hospital: 12 are children. Police said they found the vehicle and arrested “a person of interest”. His personal details are still unknown, as is the cause of the gesture.

The accident occurred in the mid-afternoon when a red SUV swooped into the parade at high speed, accelerating just as it was behind a school band, before fleeing, overwhelming the barriers. An officer fired a few shots at the vehicle but did not hit it.

The tragic images of the accident were shot live on social media and bounced on the US networks. In the tweet above, we see the SUV launched at high speed. Many people have been mowed down, causing panic scenes, including screams, crying and fleeing to homes and shops to get safe. Numerous families with children. The area was evacuated and isolated for a few hours, then the alarm ceased.

The fear is that of yet another attack but the local police chief, Dan Thompson, said he did not know if the incident was linked to terrorism. Other hypotheses are not excluded, such as that the driver was fleeing after committing another crime, such as a stabbing that took place in another area of ​​the city.

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“As we were returning from the parade we saw an SUV whizzing along the path of the parade at full speed. Then we heard a loud roar and deafening screams and cries of the people who had been hit by the vehicle, ”municipal councilor Angelito Tenorio, one of the witnesses of the episode, told the media. “Then we saw people running away or stop crying, there were many people injured on the ground,” he added. “Bodies were flying everywhere,” echoed another witness. “A tragic accident,” commented local police chief Dan Thompson. Meanwhile, Mayor Shawn Reilly expressed his solidarity with the injured and their families. Schools will remain closed today. The White House “is closely monitoring the situation in Waukesha” and expressed solidarity “with all those affected by this terrible accident”, offering support and assistance to state and local leaders.

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