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With Cappato, for the left and for Europe

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With Cappato, for the left and for Europe

I believe that the center-left people must make their voices heard in support of Marco Cappato’s senatorial candidacy in Monza next October. One of the very few exponents who match their political or institutional path to battles conducted with coherence, ability and perseverance. Not simple ‘campaigns’, but rather fighting initiatives aimed at designing a different Italy: one that respects and promotes the rights of individuals, combines them with those that concern the more general social fabric and places the great theme of ecological transition and sustainability. A policy, that of the treasurer of the association Luca Coscioni, which starts from the bodies – needs, fragility, desires of people – to eventually arrive at the Palace, and not vice versa.

If, thanks to him, we arrived at a united candidacy of the left, from Fratoianni to Schlein to Calenda, the real contenders for that seat in Palazzo Madama would be, on the one hand, an open and European Italy, and on the other, a frightened little Italy. and paternalist, as the great Rino Gaetano would have said.

Too many times we passively suffer other people’s decisions, convinced that it is inevitable. Now, on the contrary, we are faced with a chance, an occasion, a possibility, a ‘maybe’. A maybe that can become an event, a fact, a choice, with the contribution of each and every one. Here, individualities matter more than ever. And not for sterile exhibitions, but to contribute to an outcome – the support of all the left for an authoritative candidacy. Surely even Lombard, and therefore national, leaders like Beppe Sala will be able to make themselves heard. Yes, it would also be the victory of civic Italy, of that fabric formed by the hundred cities of the (global) village. And it would be confirmation that there are no longer fiefdoms, pieces of the country contracted out to a group or a faction. Once the Berlusconi cycle is over, Brianza could express another sensitivity, another line, another part of itself. It is not only civil wars that can cause shocks or (beneficial) traumas. It could be democracy, baby.

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