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With disease under control, MS records two confirmed cases of monkeypox

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With disease under control, MS records two confirmed cases of monkeypox

A disease considered controlled in Mato Grosso do Sul, Mpox, known as monkeypox, recorded two confirmed cases at the beginning of this year. In two months, the capital and cities in the interior had cases reported.

According to the SES (State Health Department), in the months of January and February 2024, 9 cases of Mpox were reported in the State, with 1 case reported and already discarded in the municipality of Ivinhema, 5 cases reported in Campo Grande, with 2 confirmed and 3 discarded, 1 case discarded in the municipality of Chapadão do Sul and, currently, 2 reported cases are under investigation: 1 in the municipality of Dourados and 1 in Ponta Porã.

“From this perspective, it can be said that the disease is under control in the State, a scenario that reflects the national situation”, says the secretariat in a note sent to the Midiamax.

In March 2023, Mato Grosso do Sul received 332 doses of the vaccine MVA-BN Jynneos Mpox, made available to the municipalities of Campo Grande, Dourados and Três Lagoas, which according to SES, had the highest number of cases of the disease at the time.

When asked whether there were more doses of the vaccine and how the demand for the vaccine was taking place, SES clarified that the Ministry of Health did not make new purchases and states did not receive new vaccines again. The report contacted the Ministry of Health asking about the vaccine, whether doses are expected to be resumed, and is awaiting feedback.

“The SES emphasizes that the persistence of the occurrence of new cases, although with a lower magnitude compared to previous periods, is compatible with the maintenance of viral circulation in the population. Therefore, we must invest in educational actions for risk perception and reduction, in addition to reinforcing the differential diagnosis in clinical forms compatible with Mpox”, he stated.

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The most common symptoms of monkeypox are a rash or lesions spread across the skin, adenomegaly/swollen lymph nodes – also known as swelling –, headache, chills and weakness. The advice is that when you feel any symptoms, look for a health unit.

About Mpox

Mpox is a disease caused by the Monkeypox virus of the genus Orthopoxvirus and family Poxviridae, generally self-limited, whose signs and symptoms last 2 to 4 weeks. The incubation period for the virus is typically 6 to 16 days, but can be as long as 21 days.

The infected person is asymptomatic during the incubation period. The typical manifestation is made up of red spots, preceded or not by sudden onset fever and swollen lymph nodes. Other symptoms include headache, muscle pain, back pain, chills and exhaustion.

Human-to-human transmission occurs primarily through personal contact with skin lesions or bodily fluids from an infected person or recently contaminated objects such as towels and bedding. It can also occur through droplets which generally requires closer contact between the infected patient and other people, which makes healthcare workers, family members and intimate partners at greater risk of infection.

A person can transmit the disease from the time symptoms begin until the rash has completely healed and a new layer of skin forms. In a suspected case of the disease, it is necessary to immediately isolate the individual and collect clinical samples at a health unit. Tracking and monitoring contacts of suspected cases must be carried out for at least 21 days.

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